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Alkaline Water Filters, Blenders & Cold Press Juicers

We filter because tap water can contain nasties!
Regular tap water may contain chemicals and toxins such as heavy metals, bacteria, nitrate, lead, chlorine, ammonia and fluoride as well as other impurities and contaminants. Choosing the right natural water filter removes these toxins, leaving you with tasty, clean, alkaline, mineral rich drinking water for improved health, energy & concentration. Some filters over-do it, resulting in dead, acidic water. Some use aluminium oxide which may leach into the water, and others leave too many nasties behind. Our range of products use safe, toxin-free methods to filter your drinking and shower water, ensuring healthier, great tasting water.


Juice and blend your way to better health
Whether you're looking to include more fruit and veg in your own diet, or want to find cunning ways to sneak more nutrients into your child's meals, our blenders and range of cold press juicers make it easy and fun! Available in various colours, shapes and sizes, and to suit a variety of budgets, the appliances we stock maximise the retention of vitamins, minerals and fibre whether you're making fresh juice, smoothies or soup. Our Oscar Neo Cold Press Juicer also transforms into a food processor that can be used to make ice cream and pasta if you're feeling indulgent!


We check every label so you don't have to.

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