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Biodynamic Ingredients

The technique of Biodynamic farming and gardening was developed by Rudolf Steiner, famously known as the creator of skincare brand Weleda. Beginning in the 1920s in Switzerland, Biodynamic farming practices reject the use of chemicals or pesticides in crop growing, yet are more strict than 'organic' farming practices. The resulting Biodynamic ingredients then undergo a certification process. Biodynamic farming aims to cultivate a holistic and balanced farm ecosystem, the parts of which are viewed as interdependent and interconnected. A Biodynamic farm aims to produce most, if not all, the farm's necessities instead of outsourcing. This can include things like compost, fertiliser and grains for livestock. Emphasis is placed on ecological, social and economic sustainability.

In Australia, a producer seeking the Australian Certified Organic Biodynamic Certification for a farm or garden and its produce must comply with various techniques, a key element being the use of Preparation 500, a fertiliser made by placing cow manure inside a cow horn and burying it for several months so microbes and worms can refine it and change the texture. This is then mixed with water and added to the soil, allowing plants extra nourishment through organic nutrients and minerals. This enriched soil allows production of high-quality crops for use as ingredients in natural health, beauty and wellbeing products. These Biodynamic ingredients must meet all criteria before receiving certification. This ensures that ingredients sourced from Biodynamic farming are of pure, high quality and free from contaminants often used in conventional farming practices.


We check every label so you don't have to.

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