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'Talking Clean with Irene' Podcast

Join Irene Falcone each week as she shares tips and tricks on how to live a more natural, sustainable and toxin-free lifestyle.

Irene will be sharing her insights as she learns from experts, scientists, doctors, authors and creators behind the beautiful brands we love.

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Ep 15: Does Natural Deodorant Actually Work?

It's the age old question... do natural deodorants really work? In this episode of Talking Clean with Irene, I chat to the...


Ep 14: Why You Should Put Secondhand First

Find out how you can help reduce waste, connect with your local community and grab some incredible bargains all at once in...


Ep 13: Is This the Most Sustainable Brand in the World?

If there is one brand in the entire world that can prove that natural and sustainable does mean "boring," then trust me,...


Ep 12: Why a Green Leaf on the Label Doesn't Make a Product Natural

In this episode of our Nourished Life podcast, find out what greenwashing is and how you can avoid being tricked with one...


Ep 11: Is This the Best Investment You Can Make for Your Skin?

It might be a little bit controversial, but I think your skin care is an investment worth making. Forget about real estate...


Ep 10: How to Live a Low Tox Life with Alexx Stuart

Want to live toxin-free but don't know where to start? You'll love this episode then... I talk to Alexx Stuart about how...


Ep 9: Replace Your Coffee with These Superfood Lattes!

Finally, I have found a way to quit my 4pm coffee! This episode of our Nourished Life podcast is all about how I ditched...


Ep 8: Are There More Chemicals in This Than Cigarette Smoke?

Ever wondered what's hiding in your perfume or cologne? Could inhaling perfume be worse than cigarette smoke?! This podcast...


Ep 7: Zapping Hormonal Breakouts to Zilch

Wouldn't it be nice if we didn't have to deal with pimples past our teenage years? Well, sadly, it's not the case. In this...


Ep 5: Love Your Guts – A How-To on Gut Health

Love your guts... your gut health, I mean! This next episode of our Nourished Life podcast is a gut health special – learn...


Ep 4: Why You Need to Change Your Undies

Yes, you need to change your undies... but not for the reason you think! This episode of our Nourished Life podcast is all...


Ep 3: The Good Side of Palm Oil with Dr Bronner's

There are a lot of grey areas surrounding palm oil as an ingredient in natural products, and this Nourished Life podcast...


Ep 2: How to Replace Your Entire Skin Care Routine with One Product

Let go of everything you thought you knew about skin care, because this Nourished Life podcast episode is about to blow your...


Ep 1: Get Your Veggies to Last 2x Longer & Save $1,500!

Imagine if you could save $1,500 a year on your grocery shop and reduce single-waste plastic in the kitchen too? Turns out...


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