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Organic Baby Products & Kids' Essentials

Keep kids safe from harmful toxins
Protect your little ones from toxins and keep them healthy with our natural and organic baby products and kids' essentials. From talc-free baby powder and natural baby wipes to organic kids' toothpaste that's gentle on growing teeth, our natural products for kids and babies can help you maintain a toxin-free, healthy home. Organic baby care doesn't have to be complicated - we are proud to stock wonderful organic baby products in Australia as your favourite natural baby shop. With busy mums in mind, we've checked every label to ensure that our baby and kids' bath products are free from any chemicals that can irritate young hair, skin, and eyes.

All the best natural & organic baby products - in one place
Looking after a newborn can be challenging, particularly if you're concerned with minimising their exposure to chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients. Our baby essentials include natural organic baby products you need to give your baby for a healthy start, including infant milk formula, lactation cookies, and other nursing essentials. Free from harmful chemicals, toxins and nasties, shop baby products from Nourished Life that are gentle and healthy enough for you and your bub.

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Keeping kids healthy
Maintaining your little ones' health has never been easier with our range of delicious, great-tasting health supplements made just for kids, perfect for adding to smoothies or cereal for a yummy healthy treat for breakfast or after school. Our gentle herbal remedies help build your natural medicine cabinet and provide soothing relief after any accidents, with natural treatments for burns, bites, scrapes and rashes as well as nasty bugs, colds and viruses. Soothe nappy rashes with calming balms, lotions and creams, and help ease uncomfortable teething pains with natural dental care.


bath time fun</big></strong>
You can make bath time fun with pure organic skin care and natural hair care products for your baby and kids that will keep them fresh and clean. No need to use a synthetically-scented bubble bath ever again! We also have a great range of toxin-free play makeup and non-toxic nail polish whose pure ingredients make for safe play. Give your children fun and creative playtime with safe and all-natural cosmetics, face paint, hair chalk and stick-on tattoos, and make bath time fun with musical toothbrushes, delicious tasting toothpaste and naturally fragrant bubble bath, soap and body wash.

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The best organic skincare products, reviews and healthy living tips.

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