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Wonderbag was founded in Africa in 2010 by serial entrepreneur, Sarah Collins, to improve the lives of families, and particularly women and girls, in Africa. The Wonderbag is a simple, non-electric, heat-retention cooker that allows food that has been brought to the boil to keep cooking for up to 8 hours without the need for a fuel source.

The Wonderbag Foundation was created in conjunction with the bag itself, with the mission to supply subsidised Wonderbags throughout Africa, one community at a time. In practice, this means that for every bag sold, the foundation subsidises one Wonderbag to a family in need in Africa, meeting the needs community by community.

The aims of the foundation in the African context include: to significantly reduce death and illness in young children caused by indoor air pollution; to reduce the need for women and girls to collect wood, which will reduce their exposure to assault and rape; to provide education on the importance of conserving natural resources; to educate communities about proper nutrition and create employment for young people in communities as health and nutrition educators; and to create further disposable income for families in Africa by reducing their expenditure on cooking fuels. Since the inception of the foundation it has created 2000 jobs and distributed 1 million Wonderbags.

In a Western context, regular use of a Wonderbag reduces electricity consumption, saves water and money, and reduces CO2 emissions. It has won numerous awards, including: 1st Place at the Climatic Change Leadership Awards in the category of Greenhouse Gasses, and the Environmental Innovation Award by the African Rainforest Conservatory. It has also been Accredited by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and has been endorsed by Kathy Calvin, President & CEO, UN Foundation; the Huffington Post; Bill Gates; The Daily Mail; and many others.

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