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The 5 Superfoods You Need to Try Now!

Trying to balance family, work and living a Nourished Life means that I'm always on the lookout for quick and easy ways to pack as many vitamins and minerals into my day as possible. Including a range of superfoods in my diet is the perfect way to do that!

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Here at Nourished Life headquarters, we pride ourselves on selecting only the very best superfoods for you. As it can be confusing keep up-to-date with the latest products on the market, I've rounded up 5 of my current favourites and shared why you should be loving them as much as I am!

Birch Juice

Think of Birch Juice as nature's own energy drink! Containing proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, Weleda's Organic Birch Juice will not only detoxify and cleanse your system by capturing and neutralising toxic waste, but it's fantastic for giving you glowing skin and eliminating cellulite by helping flush excess water from the body. What's not to love!


maqui is quickly gaining in popularity thanks to their amazing health benefits. With antioxidant levels off the charts (612, 000 on the ORAC antioxidant scale!), maqui is great for helping maintain a healthy heart and radiant glowing skin. Our maqui power is super easy to add to a smoothie, yoghurt or even mixed with water, so there's no excuse for not giving yourself a super antioxidant hit!

Baobab Fruit

When I discovered the amazing benefits of the little known Baobab Fruit, I couldn't wait to stock it in my store! It might be hard to pronounce (BEY-oh-Bab for those wondering!) but boy does it pack a goodness punch! Containing 6 times the antioxidants of blueberries, 6 times the vitamin C of oranges and 6 times the potassium of bananas, this little wonder will not only help detoxify your insides and help keep your vital organs in check, but unlike its superfood friend kale who can be a little bit unpalatable on the tastebuds, Baobab has a sweet, tangy pear-like taste, making it a lot easier to stomach!


Now we all know that ginseng has long been praised for its health benefits, well now it's time to get to know its exotic counterpart! Made from a root from the radish family, Maca powder is not only a great source of energy, but it is particularly good for women! It's a fantastic and natural way to alleviate hot flashes, cramps and mood swings. Now when adding Maca to your food, an important tip to remember is don't add it to anything hot as it will lose all its benefits! I love adding mine to my breakfast smoothies or even to raw treats if I'm craving something sweet!


With Vitamin C and Anthocyanin levels off the charts, this superfood is the ultimate pick me up! English Tea Shop Organic Wellness Tea Bags - Youthful Me contain a dose of this magical flower which is known to help boost energy and fight free radicals.

So next time you are feeling run down, your skin is looking dull or you need to detox, you now know the secret superfood ingredients which will help give you the wellness boost to get you back on track and leading your ultimate Nourished Life!

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