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The Results of Our Zkin Line Smoothing Serum Trial

Here at Nourished Life there's nothing we love more than reading reviews from our customers. Recently we conducted a trial on one of our most highly rated products, the Zkin Line Smoothing Serum. Read on to find out the results!

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Here at Nourished Life there's nothing we love more than reading reviews from our customers. It's so rewarding to discover which products you're loving and how they're making a difference to the health of your skin. Recently we conducted a trial on one of our most highly rated products, the Zkin Line Smoothing Serum. From a call out on Facebook, we randomly selected 18 volunteers to trial this product over the course of 4 weeks. It was great to hear all of your experiences first hand and see some seriously impressive results.

What makes the Zkin Line Smoothing Serum so great?

Often referred to as the natural alternative to botox, the Zkin Line Smoothing Serum $59.95, uses the active ingredient Gatuline Expression which may help to smooth expression lines and hide wrinkles. According to Zkin, this ingredient extracted from the Paracress plant in madagascar, has been clinically shown to visibly smooth the skin. Perfect for prepping the skin for makeup, this lightweight serum will leave your complexion silky smooth. In a study conducted by Zkin, 75% of participants saw results the very next day after their first use. This fantastic product can be used all over the face or for targeting specific areas such as crow's feet or smile lines. To apply, gently press onto the eye area and forehead both morning and night. This product works best applied after cleansing and before moisturising.

Customer results from our trial


"It has really made a difference to my eyes, particularly my eyelids and at the very corner of my eyes. I am 62 years old so my eyelids are quite lined and I was delighted with the difference! At first I was a bit sparing as I didn't want to run out but then I realised it was better to use a more generous amount. I especially loved pressing and patting the cream in - it felt so lovely! I found the cream a very nice base to put my eye makeup on too, as it was so smooth. I will definitely buy this cream and would recommend it highly!"

Jessica QLD

"Before I was starting to see fine lines under my eyes and my under eye area was quite dry. After the trial, the lines are less pronounced. I also noticed that my whole under eye area feels nicer, smoother and more moisturised than before. Really love this product and will continue to use it!!"

Sophie NSW

"I was sceptical that a natural line serum would work but it really did! Only negative was that the little pump dispenses more than you need so you go through it a bit more quickly. But overall really good product. 4/5"

Anna VIC

"The cream itself had nice consistency and wasn't greasy, which is generally a problem for me. The smell was neutral, which was a positive as I struggle with strong smelling creams. It was easy to apply and only needed a little bit, which means it will last for ages. Bonus! I followed the instructions but happened to miss a day or two due to travels. Looking at my before and after pictures I am pretty amazed by the job it has done on my frown line. Overall happy with the product!"

Kristel NSW

"As I approach the 30's I have only started to notice wrinkle lines appearing around my eyes. This is the first line smoothing serum I have tried and I have been surprisingly pleased by the results! There is defiantly less noticeable lines, and the skin feels a lot tighter and younger around the eye area. I found that allowing the serum to completely dry before adding moisturiser was more beneficial to my results, although the instructions do not note this."

Nicole NSW

"I really liked it. It was light and feels nice when you apply it. I could actually feel a slight tightening of my skin when I used it. Definitely improved my skin around my eyes it's much softer."

Meaghan VIC

"The first time I used the serum I loved the smell! So refreshing. Although my photography skills aren't very good, I have definitely noticed that my skin is much smoother. Will be investing in more of these products."

Gemma WA

"Definitely a noticeable improvement immediately after use and under makeup makes a big difference but also after using for a period of time it has improved the overall appearance of the skin texture and diminishing lines. Will continue to use this range and see how much more improved it can get!"

Melanie NSW

"I recently spent four weeks trying Zkin skin smoothing serum. I found it to be a very light cream, with a pleasant smell. As soon as it was applied to the skin around my eyes I felt a tightening sensation. I think it would be effective applied daily to prevent facial lines. That said I believe the line developing between my brows is not quite as harsh as before! The serum was a lovely product that I enjoyed using!"

Hayley QLD

"I love that the product is organic. It has really appealing packaging although the name is a little strange. The smell of the product is really lovely as is the texture. The product goes on really well. I found I only had to use a minimal amount for my skin to feel hydration all day long. The biggest improvement to my skin was the overall appliance of my skin. My pores are more refined and my skin looks healthy and has a natural glow. I also found that it improved the appearance of my fine lines and will definitely keep using it for further results. I would recommend this product to everyone, young and old. I will definitely be keeping it as part of my skin care regime."

Suzie WA

"I love the line smoothing serum! I've posted my review on your page, and please also find my before and after pics attached to this email as requested as part of the trial. Full disclosure, no makeup, close up photos and the results speak for themselves!"

Shelley QLD

"I have only recently started getting wrinkles in between by eyes so thought it would be a good opportunity to try the product. Whilst I don't believe there has been a significant change, the wrinkle certainly have not gotten any worse. The skin has definitely felt tighter & firmer after using it. I believe given use over an extended period of time, you would probably see & feel a more noticeable change. The serum itself is pleasant smelling with a peppery fragrance. It dries quickly & does not feel greasy at all. I have very sensitive skin & had no side effects whilst using the serum. A little goes a long way. I would not recommend this product for anyone that is expecting an instant result but rather for someone that is prepared to see results over a period of time."

Brand: Zkin

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