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The Difference Between Prebiotics and Probiotics

They sound similar and are equally important in maintaining our gut health, but do you know the difference between prebiotics and probiotics?

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They sound similar and are equally important in maintaining our gut health, but do you know the difference between prebiotics and probiotics? To achieve a flourishing gut flora, we need to have a good balance of both. Probiotics, also known as 'good bacteria', are closely linked to the health of our digestive system. Prebiotics on the other hand, feed these probiotics, allowing them to work more effectively within the body.

What are Probiotics?

According to Medical News Today, probiotics play a vital role in balancing intestinal microflora and regulating both the digestive and intestinal systems. These living microorganisms also work to support the immune system which can help us from getting sick. If you're on antibiotics or have been eating poorly recently, this can negatively impact your body's probiotic levels. To increase your daily probiotic intake you can reach for everyday foods such as yogurt, kimchi, pickles, aged cheese or sourdough bread.

What are Prebiotics?

The role of prebiotics is to feed and support living probiotics within the body. Unlike probiotics, prebiotics are non-living carbohydrates that aren't able to be digested. According to Monash University, prebiotics can help to regulate gut microbiota and improve mineral absorption, blood glucose and insulin profiles. They can also protect us against intestinal infections and some anti inflammatory conditions. You can find prebiotics naturally in foods such as raw garlic, onions, leeks and asparagus.

How can you increase your daily probiotic and prebiotic intake?

Amazonia Raw Pre-Probiotic
As prebiotics and probiotics work more effectivley together, it's a good idea to seek out supplements that contain both! The Amazonia Raw Pre-Probiotic $49.95, contains 13 different organic probiotic strains and billions of nourishing prebiotics. With a delicious vanilla flavour, simply add 5-10g of this powder into water or milk to drink. Alternatively, you can sprinkle a small amount onto your morning fruit or yoghurt.

Vital Greens Superfood Powder
The Vital Greens Superfood Powder $32.95, is the ultimate superfood supplement. This professional blend contains nutrient dense vegetables, herbs, vitamins, minerals, superfruits and essential amino acids. It's also filled with fibre, cultures and prebiotics. Perfect for those looking to increase their daily greens, this supplement is rich in beneficial herbs including Siberian Ginseng, Withania and Gotu Kola to support the liver, build immune strength and adrenal functioning. It can also assist with cleansing and detoxifying the body, improving the metabolism and providing a boost of energy. Adults should take two heaped teaspoons daily into 200-300 ml of water, coconut water, non-acidic juice or milk. It's best taken on an empty stomach or before breakfast.

The Beauty Chef GLOW ADVANCED Inner Beauty Powder
Containing a blend of naturally fermented ingredients, The Beauty Chef GLOW ADVANCED Inner Beauty Powder $59.95, helps to boost skin's vitality and regulate gut function. This delicious supplement contains both probiotics to improve skin and gut health, and prebiotics to encourage the growth of good bacteria. This advanced formula also contains two new bio-fermented ingredients; Dunaliella salina and Queen Garnet Plum. Both are rich in antioxidants to reverse the signs of ageing and act as an anti-inflammatory. For glowing skin, simply add a teaspoon daily into a glass of water.

When using any health supplements or vitamins always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.

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