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Does Your Yoghurt Contain Probiotics?

Probiotics are a fantastic way to help your gut health, which we all know is so important! Yoghurt is often thought of as an important source of probiotics but did you know not all yoghurts contain probiotics? Read on to find out which yoghurts are best for your gut health!

I'm a huge believer that beauty starts from the inside out. In order to achieve clear skin and a healthy immune system, you need to take care of your gut! The best way to do this is to ensure you are consuming enough probiotics in your diet each and every day.

Probiotics play a huge role in balancing your gut health and keeping your body running at its best. I don't know about you, but to increase my daily probiotic intake, I often reach for yoghurt! However, what I didn't know was that not all yoghurts contain probiotics! Only half of the yoghurts you see on your supermarket shelves contain probiotics and less than 10% containing enough to make a health claim. This has reduced dramatically as three years ago 95% of yoghurts were rich in probiotics!

Why are probiotics so important and how many do we need?
Probiotics are living bacteria that can be found throughout your intestinal tract. These living bacteria may sound scary but they actually play a vital role in maintaining a healthy gut. As 70-80% of our immune system tissue can be found in the digestive system, having a healthy gut flora is key.

Probiotics found in your body however, are different to the cultures used to create yoghurt. Yoghurt is made through a fermentation process in which starter cultures are used to alter the texture and taste. Once this process is complete, probiotics are added! These probiotics have a long list of health benefits as they restore the balance of 'good bacteria' within the intestines. If you have digestive issues or problems with bloating, I highly recommend upping your probiotic intake! This will assist with alleviating any gas or discomfort caused by an excessive amount of 'bad bacteria'.

The more probiotics you consume each day, the better! The exact amount is dependant on the strains consumed, however 1 billion bacteria per day for the strain consumed, is a rough estimate.

Which yoghurts can you trust to contain probiotics?
Ever since I discovered that not all yoghurts contained probiotics, I have made it my mission to examine labels whenever I visit the supermarket! A great one is the probiotic rich Danone Activia.

Not only is it ultra smooth, this yoghurt contains over 4 billion probiotics in one 125g serve! It's a great choice for those with easily upset stomachs and contains the most probiotics out of all the yoghurts I analysed. I also took a look at Vaalia which contains three different probiotics and 150 million of each in every 150g serve. Not bad! Jalna on the other hand didn't advertise probiotics on their packaging. However after a little snooping on their website, I discovered that in every 200g pot of yoghurt, there is 600 million probiotics. Five:am organic yoghurt is one of my personal favourites and thankfully it also contains probiotics acidophilus and bifidus, now if only they would tell me how many they put in!

If you're looking to improve your gut health, yoghurt is such an easy way to ensure you're getting enough probiotics each day. You can take it to work as a snack, pair it with your morning muesli or mix into a smoothie. Next time you visit the dairy section of your local supermarket make sure to inspect the labels. Once you get in the habit of seeking out probiotics, you'll really start to notice the difference in your gut and overall health. So why not make the switch?

For more information, check out the video below where I take you through some of the products I've come across at the supermarket that contain a healthy amount of probiotics! Don't forget to share with me any other products I might have missed.


I'm giving away 5 probiotic prize packs valued at $93.00 and for your chance to win 1 of 5, all you have to do is comment below and simply share with me your favourite way to get probiotics into your diet and why?

Good luck!

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