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Why You Need to Try Little Innoscents Essential Oils!

If you're a fan of essential oils or have simply always wanted to know more, you're in luck! Read on to learn all about Little Innoscents new range!

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If you're a fan of essential oils or have simply always wanted to know more, you're in luck! Essential oils are used in everything from aromatherapy to complementary plant based medicines. One of my favourite brands we stock here on Nourished Life, Little Innoscents, have recently launched their new range of premium essential oils! These luxurious oils each have unique benefits ranging from relieving muscle pain to helping with insomnia. Essential oils can even help to boost the immune system, relieve stress, inflammation and skin conditions. They act as an anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious and anti-viral oil that can uplift the sense and encourage circulation, amongst other things. These incredible oils are an absolute must have in my house and I'm sure you'll love them too!

What sets Little Innocents' essential oils apart?

The Little Innoscents essential oils are made using premium, individually selected essential oils and blends. Developed by an Aromatherapist, these oils are high quality and encourage the natural flow of energy to achieve balance in your life! Whether you need to get a more restful night's sleep or boost your energy levels, there is an oil that can help! Each essential oil blend works to balance your mood and help you breathe a little easier day to day. In this fantastic range, there are 13 different scents to choose from to suit whatever your needs.

Which scents do I recommend?

Little Innoscents - Eucalyptus Essential Oil
If you are looking for an energising scent that can invigorate the senses, I recommend the Little Innoscents - Eucalyptus Essential Oil $15.00. This antiseptic oil is ideal for minor burns, ulcers, bites and stings. It can also be used for muscle pain and headaches!

Little Innoscents - Lemon Essential Oil
To cleanse stale air and uplift the senses, I love the Little Innoscents - Lemon Essential Oil $12.00. This antibacterial oil has a distinctly citrus scent that rejuvenates the mind and brings a sense of calmness. It's a fresh oil that's perfect for use when cleaning!

Little Innoscents - Lavender Essential Oil
The Little Innoscents - Lavender Essential Oil $15.00, is highly versatile and deeply relaxing. It can be used to help reduce redness and inflammation, as a moisturiser or to soothe minor cuts and burns. This soothing oil is also great on muscle tension.

How can you use these essential oils?

To use these essential oils, you can add 4-6 drops into an oil burner to act as a diffuser. You can also include a few drops into your bath water to really relax. To see the individual uses of each scent, refer to their usage tab on each product page!

Our Naturopath says these oils are high grade and made with pure essential oil extracts, they can be added to bathwater or applied mixed into a base oil like jojoba (if you want to massage them into the skin). It is recommended that you use only one or two drops in a base oil or cream for topical use and seek professional advice in order to address particular health issues.

Our Naturopath would not recommend ingesting the oils without professional advice or for babies and children. She also would not recommend applying these oils onto dry or itchy skin without diluting them first or seeking professional advice.


Are these essential oils food grade?
Little Innoscents say, "Most of our oils are food grade yes. You will find that some oils are not recommended for ingestion so consumers must check first as to which have properties that are ingestible."

Where are these essential oils sourced from?
Little Innoscents say, "All of our essential oils are sourced from either locally grown farms in Australia if they are native to our country or some are sourced from overseas in areas that yield the best crops for that oil where they grow naturally in that environment. You will find that when this is the case you will get the most true essential oil. We do often here that doterra oils seem to smell sweater or much stronger, the smell of an oil does not always reflect on its potency or effectiveness it oils rather the chemical compositions of an oil that will offer its true healing characteristics (hence the proverb, just because it doesn't taste good doesn't mean it's not good for you) but rather it could possible has been adulterated in any way to have additives included to enhance its scent."

Why are the prices so much cheaper, could they be true essential oils?
Little Innoscents say, "Why is our pricing so much cheaper, could they be true essential oils you may ask? Well yes all Little Innoscents oils are 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, we use many essential oils in our babycare and cleaning range that was created over 9 years ago. Our ethos at Little Innoscents is to provide good quality, natural and organic products to mainstream consumers. We are not interested in marking up our oils to only cater for a high end customer rather choosing to sell our products at a better pricing point to make an impact on a greater audience who have the desire to make a conscience effort to live a more holistic lifestyle".

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