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What You Need to Know About Plant Stem Cells

Plant Stem Cells are the latest craze in the beauty industry, quickly building themselves a strong reputation for providing real results in a completely natural way. To find out more, we asked our friends at Acure Organics to explain what they are and how they work to transform your skin.

Where do stem cells they come from?

Plant stem cells are typically sourced from the origin of the specific plant from which they are harvested. The amazing thing about stem cells is that they can be extracted from the plant without ever having to harvest the plant itself. The stem cell of a plant contains the DNA of every aspect of the plant, not just the root but also the stems, flowers and leaves. Plant stem cells are 1000x more potent than common plant extracts.

Are some stem cell sources better than others?

Every plant has stem cells but not all plant stem cells are clinically proven to be effective. Many brands will make blanket statements like saying they put berry stem cells in all their products. The truth is that various plant stem cells have very specific functions so you must pay attention and apply them to specific skin types/conditions based on their unique properties. This is how we feel Acure excel in our formulation with plant stem cell technology. We seek only clinically proven plant stem cells and use them to target the root issue in specific skin types and conditions.

Do plant and human cells operate in comparable ways?

Yes, they do in their respective bodies. One plant stem cell contains the DNA for the full body of the plant, so that when the plant is injured, the stem cell can proliferate and regenerate into whatever part of the plant that needs healing. It is the same with human stem cells, and for our purposes, specifically the dermal stem cells.

These either proliferate and become new epidermis tissue for wound site healing, such as broken skin and fine lines and wrinkles. Or they can venture deep into the hair follicle for new follicular and hair cell regeneration. Some people can misunderstand, thinking that we are claiming that plant stem cells can turn into or function as dermal stem cells in the body. That is not the case. Plant stem cells are powerful in that they can proliferate endlessly and contain a high potency of the characteristics of the plant from which they came. The specific benefits of those plants are used in a targeted manner to support the natural functions of the skin, but not to become skin.

One stem cell that is uniquely powerful and captured our attention with the technology is the argan stem cell, which you can find in many of our products focused on regeneration and repair. This is actually the only clinically proven plant stem cell to truly penetrate into the live tissue layers of the skin and stimulate your body's own dermal stem cell activity, which naturally slows as we age. It is not becoming a dermal stem cell but powerfully waking them up and pushing them into action while also protecting your body's collagen and elastin structures and boosting moisture content.

There are so many others that have great impact from other angles. Gotu Kola stem cells not only provide clinically-proven anti-oxidant and anti-redness support, it is also shown to inhibit the enzymes that break down your body's own hyaluronic acid resources. This is so much more effective than a straight hyaluronic acid serum because so often, that is like trying to feed a glass of water to a desert! Why not get at why it's depleted in the first place?

Lilac stem cell in our Oil-Control Facial Moisturiser is another favourite. Often times excess oil is an underlying dehydration. Lilac stem cell protects and encourages hydration in the tissue and may help your skin naturally regulate oil while providing clinically proven to help with the acne bacteria that leads to blemishes.

Does the amount in the product matter?

Clinical trials are typically based on a certain percentage being present within the formulation, so yes, amount matters is you are trying to claim a specific effect or change in the skin. However, just because it is not at the top of the overall ingredient list, doesn't mean that it isn't present in valuable levels in the formula.

It is true that the ingredient list states things in order of overall percentage of the formula but you wouldn't want the formula to be 75% lavender essential oil or it would burn a hole through your skin! In truly transparent and effective formulas, the percentages are respective to the amount of ingredient needed in order to truly impact the skin and a stem cell or essential oil is going to be so much more concentrated than water, aloe, coconut oil, etc.

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