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Everything You Need to Know About Bellabeat!

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When life gets busy, we tend to sacrifice necessities such as relaxation, sleep and exercise! That's why I've come to rely on a wellbeing tracker to ensure that my health and fitness is kept on track. My choice? The Bellabeat wearable jewellery! Unlike other mainstream fitness trackers, Bellabeat places an emphasis on learning about your body rather than weight loss. They're all about understanding and developing a healthy relationship with your mind and body! Bellabeat makes life so much easier with its ability to monitor your sleep, activity levels, stress and menstrual cycle all in one place! The best part? This wearable jewellery is so beautiful, you'll never want to take it off!

What features does the Bellabeat have?

The Bellabeat Leaf is an incredible piece of smart jewellery. Not only does it monitor your sleep and activity levels, it can also track your menstrual cycle and meditation! You have the ability to fully customise your reminder system, which means you can set up reminders to take your vitamins, stay active or drink more water! The Bellabeat also lets you know how many steps you've taken, teaches you how to meditate, tracks how well you sleep and prepares you for your period. With a built in smart alarm, you can be gently reminded each night to go to sleep and each morning to wake up. It's the perfect daily accessory!

What is the Bellabeat Leaf made of?

Made from a natural water-resistant wood composite and hypoallergenic stainless steel, the Bellabeat is shaped to look like a tree leaf. Each Bellabeat Leaf comes with a matching leather bracelet and stainless steel chain so you can choose how you wear it! It also has an inbuilt clip that can be attached to any item of clothing.

How is the battery life?

The inbuilt Bellabeat battery lasts for 6 months without the need for charging! After 6 months you will need to replace the battery using a standard coin cell battery. The changing process is super easy with the included battery replacement tool!

Does Bellabeat emit safe levels of EMFS?

The Bellabeat Leaf has been rigorously tested and is considered completely safe and approved by the FCC and CE. It uses a very low energy Bluetooth which only turns on when syncing data to your connected app. The connection to your app only lasts a few seconds while it syncs. This means there is no radiation emitted during the day or night! Reaching the highest quality standards, this Leaf has enough memory for 14 days of data storage before needing to be synced.

How does the Bellabeat encourage you to stay active?

If you need encouragement to get up and about, the Bellabeat Leaf has an inactivity alert with five levels of desired activity. If you've been sitting down for too long, your Bellabeat can remind you to get up and stretch. You can also set it to 'Do Not Disturb' if you're in a scenario where you are unable to get up.

How does Bellabeat track your menstrual cycle?

Bellabeat is fantastic for keeping track of your menstrual cycle as it prepares you for your next period and helps you to understand your mood swings! With its built in ovulation calendar and fertility charts, you can always know what your body is up to. Your Bellabeat will also send you reminders when your period is set to arrive!

There's a new Bellabeat coming soon!

Coming soon to Nourished Life is the Bellabeat Leaf Urban! With a new geometric design, this version is water-resistant, meaning you can take it in the shower or in the ocean! One of the most impressive new features is its innovative ability to detect patterns and feelings of stress. Amazing!

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