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The Essential Sex Toy Care Guide

A great vibrator will look after you - so it's important that you look after it properly too.

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Good hygiene is always important, but it's absolutely essential when it comes to sex toys. Proper care of sex is a must- without adequate sex toy care, bacteria can grow and cause sexual health problems like vaginal or yeast infections. Cleaning your sex toys is something you should be doing after every single use.

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Don't let something designed to bring you pleasure leave you feeling unsatisfied. Read on for our easy 5 step guide on how to properly clean your hvibrator and reduce your risk of infection.

Step 1. Choose a mild, fragrance-free soap

Antibacterial soaps can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, which might sound great, but it's important to remember that a healthy vagina must contain good bacteria. A harsh antibacterial formula can kill off both good and bad bacteria, which can disrupt your natural pH levels and leave you feeling sore and irritated. Instead, choose natural soaps to wash your sex toys- mild, natural liquid soaps or body washes, free from added fragrances, will work best, particularly when washing a silicone sex toy.


Step 2. Work your soap into a lather

After ensuring your hands are clean, apply a small amount of natural soap to the surface of your vibrator and gently use your fingers to work it into a lather. Less is more when washing your sex toys- using too much soap can damage your vibrator or leave behind residue that can irritate your skin and intimate areas.

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Step 3. Rinse thoroughly

Once you've lathered up the entire surface of your sex toy, carefully and thouroughly rinse it under lukewarm, running tap water. If your sex toy isn't fully waterproof, be careful with components like charging ports to ensure they don't touch the water. When washing your sex toys, it's important to never fully submerge your toy (unless it's marked as bath or shower safe).

Step 4. Dry your toy

If you leave your toy damp, even after washing it, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria. To prevent bacteria from growing, wipe it completely dry with a clean, soft towel or cloth. Unless you change your bath towels every single day, do not use your bath towel to dry your toy as it may be harbouring bacteria that can transfer onto the surface of your vibrator.

The Surfer

Step 5. Store your sex toys in a space out of direct sunlight

To ensure your sex toy or vibrator stays clean after washing, store it in a drawer or other location out of direct sunlight to keep it protected. Some sex toys even come with their own storage pouch or protective case, designed for you to slip your toy into safely and securely between each use.


To ensure that your sex toy remains clean and safe, follow our easy 5 step maintainance guide after every use. Doing so can protect your health and extend the life of your vibrator or sex toy.

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