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Why You'll Love This Inner Beauty Powder From Optima Nutricosmetics

It's no secret that our overall health and wellbeing can have as great an impact on our skin as our topical skin care- but with so many inner health options and beauty supplements out there, it can be difficult to know where to start.

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That's why I'm so excited to finally be able to share Optima Nutricosmetics with you! This natural inner beauty powder is delicious (it's strawberry and vanilla flavoured!), and you only need to take a small dose each day to reap its skincare benefits.

Optima Nutricosmetics' Complete Skin Food Elixir spent a full two years in development, with the Optima team rigorously trialling each ingredient, certifying its benefits and working around the clock to ensure the Elixir's formula was as potent as possible. The result? Intelligent skin food, delivering radiant, healthy skin in one daily dose.


One of the other things that really excites me about this brand is their commitment to sustainability. Optima is an Australian company and they're a small, ethical business committed to supporting local producing and reducing transport kilometres. Their packaging is sustainable (they're an active signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation, they only use certified sustainable marine collagen in accordance with the Marine Stewardship Council standards, and their product has been evaluated and approved in compliance with our Ethical Sourcing Policy.

So - how exactly does Optima's Complete Skin Food Elixir promote better skin health in just a small dose? Through supporting the four pillars of healthy skin.

Why you'll love this inner beauty powder from Optima Nutricosmetics

1. Healthy gut and microbiome
A healthy gut and a well-supported and diverse microbiome ensures nutrients are delivered effectively to the body, resulting in healthy immune function and, of course, healthy skin. The Complete Skin Food Elixir contains award-winning prebiotics, probiotics and soothing aloe vera to improve digestion and gut health and minimise skin sensitivity, breakouts and dehydration.


2. The skin's own collagen production
Our body naturally produces collagen, but that production slows as we age. Collagen is essential for youthful, resilient skin, so Optima is rich in sustainable marine collagen peptides to boost the skin's own collagen production and leave you with smoothed fine lines and wrinkles, boosted skin hydration and improved firmness and elasticity.

Optima Before/After

3. Protection against free radical damage
Environmental stressors like pollution, UV exposure, emotional stress and lack of sleep can have an oxidative effect on skin cells, so it's important to ensure your skin is able to protect itself from that damage. Combining targeted antioxidants with patented technology, Optima's Complete Skin Food Elixir works to provide the skin with long-term protection from the oxidative stress which can lead to premature ageing and damaged cells.


4. Optimal nutrition for overall wellness
Delivering our body with essential vitamins and minerals is of benefit to our hair, skin, nails, gut and immune system, and the only way to do that is to maintain optimal nutrition. Optima cares for our overall health and wellness by relying on the world's richest sources of certified organic, low temperature dried and sprouted plant-based materials to support new collagen formation, tissue repair, healthy hair, skin nails and immune function and boost our energy levels.

Optima Before/After

Optima Before/After

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