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10 Tips To Keeping Your Family & Home Safe From Coronavirus

We are all working to navigate the "new normal" as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, doing everything in our power to protect ourselves and our loved ones from contracting the virus.

Keeping Family & Home Safe During Coronavirus

We work year round to ensure the health and safety of our family, however now, given the viral nature of the illness, good hygiene practises have never been more important. It's essential to put certain practical measures into place too, like maintaining your overall level of physical health, as this can help reduce your risk of falling ill.

To prevent the spread of coronavirus, it's important to stay fit and healthy and implement some new hygiene tips into your home. From mental health to hygiene practises, here are our top 10 tips for protecting your loved ones from coronavirus.

<H1>10 Coronavirus Prevention Tips For You & Your Family<H1>

1. Wash your hands.
Maintaining good hand hygiene is always important, but it is absolutely crucial amidst a viral pandemic like COVID-19. One of the easiest ways to prevent the spread of coronavirus and limit the risk of infection is to wash your hands regularly using an antibacterial hand soap for at least 20 seconds. If you are out of the house and don't have access to a sink or soap, carry a bottle of antibacterial hand sanitiser in your bag and apply a generous amount before and after touching anything communal- like a shopping trolley or petrol pump.

Dr. Bronner's, Handsoap

2. Sanitise high-touch surfaces
Surfaces like door handles, fence latches and your letter box need to be regularly wiped down with a natural disinfectant (use a washable cleaning cloth to avoid contributing to landfill). It's also essential to wipe down items like your phone, keys and wallet to limit the risk of spreading viral pathogens and reduce the likelihood of infection.

Resparkle, Natural Cleaning Product

3. Keep your house clean
One of the simplest tips to stay healthy is to keep your home clean. It's essential to clean high-traffic areas of your home, such as the kitchen and bedroom, regularly to kill potentially harmful germs and pathogens. Use a high performance natural cleaner, and if you have timber, tiles or other hard floors, consider scrubbing these down to prevent germs from being tracked in from outdoors and spread throughout your home.

4. Maintain a healthy diet
Stay healthy at home by maintaining a balanced diet. Eating healthy meals and fresh produce during this time can boost your immune system and keep you well. Load up on foods like turmeric, ginger, sweet potato, and broccoli, as well as leafy greens like spinach and kale.

Healthy Food

5. Encourage physical activity
Remaining physically active is essential in staying fit and healthy at home. If you're practicing social distancing and/or working from home, it's easy to start developing cabin fever. Keep this at bay and keep your body moving by undertaking regular exercise, whether this is a daily run, yoga practice, or body weight exercises at home. Physical activity can bolster your immune system, and also provide you with a shot of endorphins, in turn boosting your mood.

Practice Yoga

6. Keep kids busy
If you have the kids at home with you, keep them occupied and their spirits high by providing them with creative indoor activities like crafts, board games, or puzzles. This will keep their minds stimulated and prevent them from becoming restless and anxious- and it will give you some time to focus on your own wellbeing!

Kids Activity

7. Stay hydrated
Staying hydrated is always important and it's one of our easiest tips to stay healthy amidst a public health crisis. Aim to drink at least 2 litres of water per day to give your body the hydration it needs for optimum brain and joint function, circulation, and a healthy immune system.

Cheeki, Water Bottles

8. Consider supplements
Work some natural supplements or superfood powders into your daily routine as an additional source of necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. While supplements aren't a substitute for fresh produce, they can help you stay healthy by adding in any vitamins and minerals you aren't already getting from your regular diet.

Nutra Organics, Clean Greens Powder

9. Open the windows
While there are restrictions on spending time in outdoor public places, try to get your daily dose of VItamin D and fresh air by opening windows and blinds wherever possible. Good circulation will also keep fresh air moving through your house and inhibit the growth of some microbes.

10. Follow government and medical advice
Our simplest health tip- pay attention to changing government and medical and health advice and follow it to the best of your ability. At present, this means only leaving the house for exercise and essential services such as grocery shopping, doctor or pharmacy visits, or work (if you are unable to work from home). Think also about wearing a mask whenever you can.

The COVID-19 pandemic is cause for constant vigilance and the exercise of good common sense, but it shouldn't be cause for panic. Keeping a calm, clear head and following our practical tips can help protect you and your family from falling ill and help slow the spread of the illness.

Get more healthy living tips on our blog, or shop our natural cleaning products products online now.

Brand: Cheeki Dr Bronners Nutra Organics Resparkle Vital

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