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What Is Slugging?

I just had to update you on this weird and wonderful new Korean beauty and skin care trend... Get ready to get enviable, baby soft skin, with a clean beauty spin!

Slugging with vaseline on face Buy now

If you haven't heard about slugging yet, I'm about to blow your mind! This Korean skin care trend is taking over the beauty world and could be the key to an enviably dewy and glowing complexion. Before you start searching outside for slugs, no, this does not involve any creepy critters – but it does involve getting a little slimy!

Egyptian magic cream

What is slugging?

To be as simple as possible, slugging is smearing Vaseline all over your face. Don't worry, there is a reasoning behind the madness (and also a more natural way to proceed!) The process is super simple. Go through your regular nightly skin care routine, and then top it off with a slimy seal of jelly. Keep it on until you wake up, and presto – baby soft skin! The thinking behind this bizarre trend is that it will help to lock in as much moisture as possible. Adding a slimy top coat creates a barrier that traps in moisture and allows your skin care products to sink into your skin, potentially giving you better results.

Benefits of slugging

If you're interested in slugging but would rather opt for the clean beauty method, below is a list of all-natural products you can use instead. If you experience dry skin, you can really benefit from the slugging beauty trend. To keep our complexion on track, we need to amp up our hydration game – which is where slugging comes in.

This method works so well because slugging jellies or creams are "occlusive," which means they work to form a film on your skin that doesn't let water through, giving you next-level hydration (this is thanks to natural ingredients like Beeswax.) Simply apply your slugging cream of choice before bed, drift off and let this method work wonders while you sleep. #wokeuplikethis

The Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream

This Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Cream is famous in the clean beauty world, and for good reason! Based on an ancient Egyptian formula (perfect if Cleopatra is your beauty goals!) this magic cream contains just six natural ingredients, including goodies like Beeswax and Royal Jelly. With Hollywood stars like Kate Hudson and Madonna swearing by this versatile product, using it as a top coat in your slugging routine is bound to leave you looking red-carpet ready. I've read hundreds of Nourished Life customer reviews on Egyptian Magic, and it's frequently described as the natural version of Vaseline!

Weleda Skin Food

A bestselling clean skin care classic, Weleda Skin Food can be used to lock the rest of your nighttime skin care routine firmly in place. Made with pure plant and flower extracts, this thick and creamy balm formula works to soothe rough and dry skin, locking in hydration thanks to goodies like Beeswax. This rich and intensive moisturiser makes a perfect natural alternative to mainstream slugging creams.

Weleda skin food moisturising cream

Vanessa Megan Intensive Dermal Repair Moisture Balm

This Vanessa Megan Intensive Dermal Repair Moisture Balm is made of a luxurious organic blend of Shea and Cocoa Butters with Coconut, Jojoba, Rosehip, Evening Primrose, Calendula and Sea Buckthorn Oils. A deeply nourishing, vitamin-rich balm it also contains Beeswax, a natural and breathable barrier that plays a big role to lock in moisture.

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