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Natural Alternatives to Toxic Perfumes!

There's nothing better than discovering your signature scent. Just as your skin benefits from using all natural beauty and skincare products, natural fragrances are the way to go!

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There's nothing better than discovering your signature scent. Just as your skin benefits from using all natural beauty and skincare products, natural fragrances are the way to go! If you're new to natural perfumes, don't stress! There are beautiful, uplifting and toxin free alternatives to suit everyone's taste. You don't need to rely on harsh chemicals to smell lovely and fresh! I find the best way to find your signature scent is to first understand which ingredients you like best. Are you a floral fan or more of a citrus lover? Whatever your pick, we have you covered!

Best Fruity scents!

If you're a fan of fruity scents like DKNY's Be Delicious, then you'll love the Jardin de Vie range from Weleda! Made with a mixture of natural plant fragrances, plant extracts and essential oils, these perfumes are intense and long lasting. Using a variety of plants, each scent is designed to stimulate an emotional response in the wearer! The Weleda Natural Perfume Grenade, ($4.95 for a sample), is inspired by Weleda's Pomegranate range of products and is the perfect balance of fruity and sensual. It's made with an exotic blend of uplifting ingredients including Orange, Vanilla and Neroli Flowers to create a light and fruity scent with intense base notes. A slightly fresher fruity blend I love is the Weleda Natural Perfume Agrume, ($4.95 for a sample). It's made with a gorgeous mix of Grapefruit, Mandarin and Sandalwood that combine to invigorate the senses. It's a long lasting fragrance with added notes of richness designed to develop throughout the day. This is the perfect light and summery scent!

Best Spicy scents!

During the Winter months, I often reach for scents that are warm with spicy notes. If you're a fan of spicy fragrances like Chanel's Coco Noir, we have some beautiful all natural alternatives! Made with the intention to promote security, safety and trust, the Hanako Therapies I Am... Love $29.95, is formulated with a calming blend of Crystal infused water and pure oils. These essential oils including Black Pepper, Cardamom and Rose which combine to create a warming fragrance perfect for when the weather is chilly. Hanako Therapies actually infused this perfume with crystals to encourage the uplifting of emotions!

Best Sweet scents!

Prefer something sweeter like the Prada Candy perfume?
The Less is More Organic Cologne in Bedtime Stories has a unique, light lavendery note with a warm sweet base notes of vanilla, balsamic benzoin siam and incense. Another option for you might be One Seed Devotion which combines sweet floral notes of Rose, Iris, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang and Geranium. But the sweetest of them all is the Lavanila Healthy Fragrance in Pure Vanilla! Created with a blend of botanicals and with a unique technology to help the beautiful sweet vanilla scent really last, this is a delicious combination of Madagascar Vanilla and Organic Sugar Cane.

Best Floral scents!

Do you prefer more feminine, floral scents? Are you a fan of the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrances? Then you'll love the Weleda Natural Perfume Rose, $4.95! This romantic scent is made using classic floral notes including harmonious Rose Geranium and flirty Ylang Ylang. It's great for everyday wear as it's long lasting, made with 100% natural essential oils and uplifting for the senses. A new addition to Nourished Life are the Salt & Glow perfumes. The Salt & Glow Love Always Elixir Oil $25, is the perfect fragrance to take on the go because it comes in a robust roll on bottle. Infused with Rose, Jasmine, Bergamot and Sweet Orange, this feminine fragrance leaves a gorgeous lingering aroma. It's also filled with a Sweet Almond Oil base allowing the oil to glide over the skin with ease. For an all day aroma, roll the metal ball along the pulse points. You can also use this oil to help relieve tension and aches, soften cuticles, warm the palms or nourish the skin! It's an amazing multipurpose product!

Best Citrus scents!

If you're sick of the cold weather and wish for Summer all year long, I recommend a citrusy fragrance! You don't need to reach for expensive mainstream perfumes like Chanel's Chance Eau Fraiche to experience a hit of citrus. The Hanako Therapies I Am... Inspired $29.95, perfume is another Crystal infused scent that aims to promote clarity, manifestation and vision while easing the mind into a state of meditation. It's filled with a beautiful blend of eight essential oils including Lemon, Sweet Orange and Sandalwood to encourage positive thoughts! The LaVanila Perfume.
'The Healthy Fragrance' in Vanilla Grapefruit
$85, on the other hand is a citrus blend balanced with creamy Vanilla. Made with technology to encourage long lasting wear, this perfume includes botanical blends and essential oils.

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