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Ep 9: Replace Your Coffee with These Superfood Lattes!

Finally, I have found a way to quit my 4pm coffee! This episode of our Nourished Life podcast is all about how I ditched my afternoon coffee addiction for a much healthier alternative, with nutritionist tips on how to get your energy back naturally.

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My coffee addiction is such a struggle... I've decided I cannot give up the morning coffee but I have recently found a way to get rid of that 4pm cup! I have swapped out my addiction for a much healthier alternative, and this episode of Talking Clean with Irene is all about how I did it. I'm speaking to Lisa Morrison, the nutritionist at Nutra Organics, about the benefits of their amazing caffeine-free superfood lattes and why I just can't get enough of them!

But it doesn't end there... Lisa also takes us through the incredible range of Nutra Organics collagen powders, protein powders, vegan broths & bone broths, explaining their nutrition benefits and the best ways we can incorporate them into our daily routines for a boost of goodness. Lisa's got loads of tips and tricks to share with us, including her recommendation for a natural pre-workout powder!

Here's everything Lisa and I talk about:

• The difference between the superfood latte flavours (1:29)
• Why are they so addictive? (3:33)
• What's the best way to make them? (4:33)
• What makes them taste so good? (5:21)
• How come some people hate them?! (6:13)
• Are they suitable for kids? (7:08)
• What's the difference between the Collagen Beauty and Collagen Body powders? (8:03)
• Can they be taken together? (10:10)
• Can you take them with a protein powder? (11:05)
• The benefits of the Nutra Organics greens powders (12:06)
• Why we should try bone broth / veggie broth (13:10)
• Does vegan broth give the same collagen benefits as bone broth? (15:02)
• What are the best ways to use broth? (16:10)
• How long before you would start to see results from taking collagen? (16:48)
• The best combination of lattes, powders and broths to boost energy (17:55)

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