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How to Use the Biologi Pigmentation Serum

Just when I thought the bestselling Biologi Serums couldn't get any better, they went and created an amazing new serum designed just to target pesky pigmentation! To help you find out more about this awesome new goodie, I've put together this guide on what it is and how to use it.

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By now, I am sure you have heard or seen me going on about how the Biologi Serums changed my life. Honestly, I had never come across anything like these before in natural skin care – I could not understand how just one serum bottle could replace my toner, facial oil, moisturiser and eye cream, but I truly have not looked back ever since I started using them. Within a month my skin had never looked so good, and after three months, even my acupuncturist commented that my skin tone had completely changed for the better.

I have always used the Biologi Bf Hydration Face & Body Serum and it has been incredible for my pigmentation and blemishes (I had some sun damage on one side of my face from driving and a lot of pigmentation from my last baby.) Just when I thought it couldn't get any better though, now they have launched an even more powerful addition to the range – the Biologi Bqk Radiance Face Serum! This new formula is actually a two-step system designed specifically to target stubborn types of hyperpigmentation by reducing its appearance, improving skin tone and refining skin clarity.

How does it work?

The Biologi Bqk Radiance Face Serum system features two different serums for hyperpigmentation – one designed for the morning, and one for nighttime.

Morning (AM) Serum
The morning serum contains 100% active nutrients from Kakadu Plum, which acts as a strong source of Vitamin C to help inhibit pigment with phytoactives such as ellagic and gallic acid. This serum is designed to help reduce signs of ageing from sun damage, reduce pigment and brighten skin.

Evening (PM) Serum
The evening serum contains 100% active nutrients from Quandon, known to contain potent levels of tryptophan, ferulic acid, rutin and chlorogenic acid which work to reduce existing redness and pigmentation, as well as help prevent further pigment from forming.


Used as a two-step routine, the Bqk serum system contains the highest levels of natural vitamin C and phytoactives which can help to both minimise the appearance of existing pigmentation, as well as prevent further uneven skin tone from occurring. This system works to improve overall skin tone by diminishing brown spots and redness caused by factors such as sun exposure, inflammation and hormonal imbalances. It can also help to prevent melanogenesis so that unwanted pigmentation cannot be formed in the skin, as well as refine skin texture for a more supple and smooth complexion.

Can it be used on skin without pigmentation?

Yes, as the powerful phytonutrients found in the Bqk system work to create even skin tone and help combat early signs of ageing. The Bqk system actually makes a great skin care routine for pigmentation prevention.

How to use the Bqk system

Only use the two separate serums as recommended – this means the Morning serum only in the mornings, and the Evening serum only at night. Just like the other Biologi serums, they should not be combined in one application – layering the serums may reduce the efficacy of the active ingredients. Biologi is also designed to replace your existing skin care routine – this means that it is not recommended to use any kind of moisturiser or eye cream over the top of your Biologi serum as doing so may compromise results.

Bqk skin care routine for your skin type

Depending on your skin type and whether you already use a Biologi serum, you may need to alternate between the Bqk pigmentation system and other Biologi serums.

Acne and acne scarring
Day 1: Biologi Bd Luminosity Face Serum, morning and night.
Day 2: Biologi Bqk Radiance Face Serum, morning and night.

Normal skin with pigmentation/redness
Every day: Biologi Bqk Radiance Face Serum, morning and night.

Mature skin with pigmentation/redness
Day 1: Biologi Bd Luminosity Face Serum, morning and night.
Day 2: Biologi Bqk Radiance Face Serum, morning and night.

Normal/dull skin
Day 1: Biologi Bd Luminosity Face Serum, morning and night.
Day 2: Biologi Bqk Radiance Face Serum, morning and night.

Dry/sensitive skin with pigmentation/redness
Day 1: Biologi Bf Hydration Face & Body Serum, morning and night.
Day 2: Biologi Bqk Radiance Face Serum, morning and night.

If you are completely new to Biologi serums...

Week 1: Use the Bqk Morning serum daily each morning. No evening serum required.
Week 2: Use the Bqk Morning serum daily each morning, and the Bqk Evening serum every second night.
Week 3 and ongoing: Use both the Bqk Morning and Bqk Evening serums daily.

Find out more about the Biologi Serums in our Biologi Skin Care Q&A, as well as my blog post on Biologi Results.

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