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Top 10 Most Polarising Natural Products

It would be boring to only talk about the good stuff here on Nourished Life, so I wanted to share the worst reviewed products too! Yep, this is a guide to the most polarising products I sell — the ones you either LOVE or HATE!

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I am always asked about my favourite products here on Nourished Life, and I get a lot of questions about the most popular and 5-star reviewed products too... but honestly I think that is so boring, so I wanted to share with you the top 10 most polarising products! These are the products that either get tons of 1-star reviews or tons of 5-star reviews. They pretty much sit in the middle because they're completely polarising — you either love them or you hate them!

Top 10 best and worst reviewed products

1. Warpaint Natural Teeth Whitener
I actually think this is a 5-star product but in summary, the 1-star reviewers don't like this because it makes a huge mess in the bathroom. The 5-star reviewers all say they love it because it makes their teeth really, really white! It is a powder... OK it's really messy but I always get my hubby to clean the bathroom so I don't have a problem. Such a mess, but god it works!

2. Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream
This is based on the same formulations as the Ancient Egyptian recipes. It has a lot more 5-star reviews than 1-star reviews, but I'm telling you the 1-star reviewers hate it! They say that it's basically nothing but a natural version of Vaseline. Do you know what? It actually IS a natural version of Vaseline and it's absolutely beautiful. It actually works on everything. The people who love this say that they use it as a facial moisturiser, as a serum, they put it on their skin at night and wake up with beautiful Cleopatra skin in the morning. The people who hate it think it's horrible and greasy old Vaseline.

3. That Red House Organic Soapberries
You guys either love or hate these. The reviews are absolutely hilarious — "Not for me, I have a baby and this did a hopeless job of cleaning baby clothes and nappies." Then you have these 5-star reviews that all say, "This is beautiful, perfectly cleans my baby clothes." These are actually pretty cool, especially for whites and just your basic, everyday cloths. They're probably not going to work that well on greasy work clothes but they're basically just nuts, they're completely organic and when they hit the water, they get all soapy.

4. Hairprint True Color Grey Hair Restorer for Women
This is not like a hair dye, it actually changes the grey pigment in your hair back to your natural hair colour. People absolutely either love or hate this product. I personally don't like it, I've tried and it didn't work for me. It made my hair go far too dark and the time that it took... it's a good hour and a half or two hours worth of time to actually do it. So not for me, but my goodness, the amount of customers who give this a 5-star review and think it is absolutely life-changing! It's completely food-grade as well, so amazing for anyone who has any sensitivities or can't use chemical dyes. Whenever we sell out, and we sell out of it a lot, we just get bombarded with questions about how quickly it's going to come back.

5. Life Basics Natural Spray Deodorant
Of course I'm going to say I think this is great, because I made it! Some people think it just doesn't work for them, and that's the interesting thing with deodorant. The 5-star reviewers say they absolutely love it, they don't like having to constantly rub a deodorant paste under their arms all the time, they can just spray and walk out the door and actually that's why I love it. I love to be able to just spray it and run but others just think it's not strong enough for them.

6. Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste
About 80% of the reviews say that it's a 5-star product and they absolutely love it. These are the first guys who came out with a paste that completely worked as a deodorant. It is an incredible product and when I do see the 1-star reviews come up I'm always quite surprised because I think it's such a great product! But sure enough, some reviewers say they don't like it, they don't like the smell, the feel, they hate the fact that they have to rub it into their arms, and of course if you've got really sensitive skin you can get a reaction from the bicarb.

7. 100% Pure Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream
How could anybody possibly give this a 1-star review? It is amazing! Kate Hudson uses this, Tom Cruise and Madonna have been quoted as using this. It's one of the very first products I ever sold and the formula hasn't changed. It's just such a beautiful natural eye cream. It has green organic coffee beans, it does wrinkles, it does puffy eyes and it does dark circles. Now the biggest complaint I get from this is the fact that people don't like the smell, and I admit it does smell like hot buttered popcorn and most of the reviews say exactly that. "Smells like hot buttered popcorn, absolutely beautiful, I love it!" Then the 1-star reviews say, "It stinks like hot buttered popcorn, I can't use it." I guess if you can't stand the smell of popcorn, this product is not for you... unless you've got dark circles or puffy eyes, block your nose and use it, it's amazing!

8. Inverse Hair Conditioning System
Now this is actually an awesome product but you have to use it correctly. It looks like a hair straightener but you keep it in the freezer. You know how hairdressers always say you should rinse your hair in freezing cold water for your final rinse? I'm never going to do that, I'm obsessed with hot showers. But what you do is after you come out of your hot shower, you take this out of the freezer and just on damp hair, you run it through a couple of times and what it does is it seals all of those split ends and it really does give your hair that beautiful, silky shine. A really interesting product, not for everybody but definitely read the reviews if you've got frizzy hair.

9. Zilch Acne Formula
This was created by a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and we have so many 5-star reviews from mums who have bought it for their teenagers or for themselves for hormonal acne, saying that it's completely cleared up their acne. At the same time it has a bunch of 1-star reviews from people who tried it, saying it's a really big investment and it just didn't work for them. The great thing about this product is that you actually only need to take one course and it should fix it. But there are different reasons for having breakouts and acne and it doesn't fix every single one of those reasons.

10. Smile Makers - The Fireman
By far the most polarising products are the Smile Makers. They have four settings on them... people either say they love it, they can't live without it, does the job and a whole bunch of other fantastic 5-star reviews that you've really got to read. But other people say that they just didn't think it was strong enough for them, although I wonder if those people knew they have more than one setting... perhaps that's the reason.

Watch my video on all of these products below!

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