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Your Magnesium Questions Answered!

Whenever I talk about the benefits and uses of magnesium, I always receive so many comments wanting to know more! To answer all of your most popular questions, I decided to sit down with Grace from Amazing Oils to find out more about the amazing benefits of magnesium.

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If there's one thing I can't get enough of... it's magnesium! Whenever I talk about the benefits and uses of magnesium, I always receive so many comments wanting to know more! To answer all of your most popular questions, I decided to sit down with Grace from Amazing Oils to find out more about the amazing benefits of magnesium.

This interview was so insightful as she covered how getting moremagnesium into your system can help alleviate issues such as migraines, tension headaches, and menstrual tension!

What are some typical symptoms of magnesium deficiency?

To assess your own magnesium levels, look more for the tell-tale signs of someone being deficient in magnesium. The most well-known symptoms are cramping and spasms. Even a headache is a form of a cramp while Restless legs are a form of mild limb spasm. If you think you may have a magnesium deficiency, be sure to talk to your healthcare practitioner.

Can magnesium alleviate menstrual cramp pain?

Most definitely! If women apply magnesium oil over the ovaries and the whole pelvic core just before that time of the month, it may help prevent the monthly cramping. If you forget for any reason, apply it when you feel that cramping coming on.

Apart from being an Aussie brand, what makes your products different from all the other magnesium products on the market?

In terms of how we are different, we really like to talk about what we care about and that is people. This company came about after a family member became very ill. They went through the medical system which couldn't help them. So, we began to look at other ways that we could put minerals back into their system. Out of everything we tried, this made a huge difference, so we threw our lives into it! Our products also go through an organic filtration system. There's no residue so it doesn't have to be washed off and the absorption is very high because of that.

Where does your magnesium come from?

Nearly all our magnesium comes from our Australian deserts. We have two secret locations; one in WA and one in Adelaide. It actually comes from organically certified salt lakes! Two times a year they crystallise and you have to drive 4 to 5 metres into the crystallised salt. The magnesium chloride evaporates into this stunning pure liquid underneath. That's what we pump out, put into bottles and create flakes.

When is the best time to apply magnesium?

It makes absolutely no difference when you apply it; going out in the sun and getting sun exposure doesn't affect it at all.

Where is the best place to apply magnesium before bedtime?

If you're someone who struggles to get to sleep at night, the best place to apply magnesium is the lower half of the body. If you apply to the chest area it can stimulate brain activity.

What is the best way to use magnesium for limb spasms?

Spray into the hand and rub into the lower back to reach the sciatic nerve. This is the longest nerve in the body. Also apply behind the knee and the tops of the feet. When you relax the nervous system and the muscular system, this can actually stop the restless legs. We have had amazing results from people who are sleeping better!

How can magnesium help the symptoms of dry skin conditions?

Magnesium balances the pH in the skin and is perfect for children with their delicate skin. For dry and sensitive skin conditions such as mild forms of acne, eczema and dermatitis, magnesium can help to reduce dry and scaly skin. Magnesium is also responsible for removing toxins, so much so, that you don't need to put anything else in the bath that can irritate the skin or interfere with what the magnesium is doing. Perfect for children with their delicate skin.

How can magnesium work for growing pains?

Try giving the child a warm, relaxing bath half an hour before lights out. If you want to use the Magnesium Pro spray directly on the area experiencing growing pains, either apply it when the child is experiencing the pain for instant relief or apply as a preventative before bedtime.

Where should you best apply magnesium for migraines?

The best place is on the back of the neck, at the top where it meets the skull. What brings on a headache is when the cardiovascular system begins to constrict. What we recommend is to daily pop a little bit of the spray onto the neck to prevent cardiovascular system constriction. At the time of the headache, you can also apply it to the areas of tightness and tension.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning still tired after a restless night. How do I take Magnesium to help improve the quality of my sleep?

Spray (or roll) and rub your Amazing Oils product into your lower back, the tops of your feet and down the back of your legs about 15-20 minutes before bedtime, this will relax both your nervous & muscular systems, promoting a restful night's sleep.
Because magnesium is also known for its energy production we recommend only using the magnesium on your lower body late at night as some people can experience an increase in energy if applied to their upper body. Upper body application is best during daytime.

Life can be pretty crazy sometimes and I know Magnesium can help manage stress. How do you take it to help manage stress and mood?

We recommend applying the AO magnesium (spray or roll-on gel) onto your chest in the morning (after a shower is ideal) to promote energy production, then onto the lower half of your body in the evening 10-15 minutes before bed, to help raise magnesium levels in your body.

If someone isn't sure that they are getting enough Magnesium in their diet, what's a safe way to take Magnesium, just in case?

The majority of us don't get enough magnesium through our diet anymore mainly due to the deficiency of magnesium in the soil (caused by over-farming) which affects both plants and animals. There are many forms of magnesium supplementation, however topical methodology is currently growing fast in popularity, due to tangible, instant results people experience. Unfortunately, many oral methods don't have a high assimilation of magnesium into the body, whereas topical magnesium chloride, one of the easiest and safest forms has been shown to have a greater bio-availability (uptake) than other types.

How can Magnesium help with PMS and cramps? Is it just preventative or can you use or take it when the pain starts? How do you take it?

We recommend increasing your overall magnesium levels especially in the week leading up to your cycle – applying to your abdomen and lower back each morning and the lower body at night has been shown to have a preventative affect. You can also apply your Amazing Oils product such as Magnesium Pro symptomatically on the lower abdomen to assist in easing pain and cramping of the uterus, often experienced with during painful periods. Another crucial benefit to women maintaining sufficient magnesium levels is the positive effect it can have on mood and ability to get quality rest. Irritability, low mood, anxiety, stress and insomnia are all symptoms commonly experienced by women, especially during times of hormonal change.

I'd like to be sure I'm doing the best for my kids' growth, development and general wellbeing. Is Magnesium safe for the whole family to take?

Magnesium is safe for all members of your family. It is also completely safe for both children and even babies. In fact, topical application is the best for this age group, as it bypasses the digestive system. That said, it is important to be aware that the skin of a baby or child is much more permeable & sensitive than that of an adult. Because of this, we have introduced our Baby Range which contain a specially formulated solution for kiddies 3 months to 5 years old.

What's the best way to take Magnesium to help prevent or manage muscle cramps and spasms?

All contraction (tightening) in the body uses calcium, all releasing of tension uses magnesium. We generally run out of magnesium long before calcium. As your muscles try to relax, a lack of magnesium can prevent the muscle from releasing.
Apply topical magnesium daily to muscles specifically targeting known problem areas or before and after physical exercise to promote endurance and reduced chance of injury.

A big thank you to Grace from Amazing Oils for sharing this information with us. Magnesium is clearly very versatile and a must have in any medicine cabinet.

For Magnesium Pro, always read the label before use and consult your healthcare practitioner if any symptoms persist. Remember that vitamins supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

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