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Your Guide to Fragrance Free Skin Care

Whether you hate added fragrance or simply cannot use scented products on your skin type, there are now so many amazing fragrance free skin care options to choose from — more than ever before! That's why I've put together this guide to the best unscented skin care essentials.

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Here at Nourished Life, we have natural skin care to suit every skin type and concern. One of those is sensitive skin — I often get a lot of questions about the best fragrance free options for very sensitive skin types, so I am really happy that we now have a massive selection of gentle, unscented skin care — more than we have ever had before!

Benefits of unscented products

Whether you have allergies, sensitivities or just very delicate skin, fragrance free skin care products are a really important option to have for anyone who just doesn't want a fruity, floral or sweet scent in their everyday essentials. Artificial fragrances are of course one of the biggest culprits, but even naturally derived fragrances and scents can upset the most sensitive skin types. Strong scents can be hard on the noses of anyone with a fragrance sensitivity, or can really irritate very sensitive skin.

What are fragrance free products?

Well, 'unscented' or 'fragrance free' skin care products simply leave out the additional scents or ingredients which give regular products their enticing smell — some people love this added smell, but for others, it's unnecessary and can actually cause discomfort or worsen mild skin conditions. 'Fragrance free' or 'unscented' products generally mean that nothing has been added for extra scent — this means that you may be able to smell the natural aroma of the raw ingredients used (such as the nuttiness of Coconut Oil), or the product may just have little to no detectable smell at all.

Fragrance free natural skin care

Life Basics Cacay Oil
One of my all time favourite unscented skin care products is our very own Life Basics Cacay Oil. This plant-based oil is made from nothing but cold-pressed nuts of Cacay trees, with no other added ingredients! It can be used to smooth, firm, hydrate and brighten the face, body and hair and has only a light and nutty aroma from the natural smell of the nut oil — no added fragrance whatsoever. This moisturising oil actually contains up to three times more Vitamin A than Rosehip Oil and 50% more Vitamin E than Argan Oil!

Weleda White Mallow Face Cream
If you're after a natural fragrance free moisturiser for sensitive skin, you'll love the Weleda White Mallow Face Cream. This gentle, fragrance free face cream is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, even babies' delicate skin, having been awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance! This dermatologically tested cream was specifically developed to help calm and protect hypersensitive, very dry skin, as well as relieve itching, thanks to its star ingredient, White Mallow. There's also a body lotion formula for use all over.

Hurraw! Organic Lip Balm - Unscented
For a simple, fragrance free lip balm, I love the Hurraw! Organic Lip Balm - Unscented. This unscented natural lip balm is incredibly hydrating thanks to a blend of organic ingredients including Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Coconut Oil and creamy Cocoa Butter, plus it can easily be used as a lipstick primer as it's uncoloured. This soothing blend is also vegan and nut oil free! Another great vegan, unscented lip balm option is Dr Bronner's Organic Lip Balm - Naked.

Ethique Bliss Bar - Face Cleanser
An amazing fragrance free facial cleanser is the Ethique Bliss Bar - Face Cleanser, which actually comes in solid bar form. This creamy bar is perfect for even the most sensitive skin types, packed full of nourishing goodies like Creamed Coconut and Kaolin Clay to help cleanse away makeup, dirt and impurities and leave skin feeling fresh and moisturised. To use, wet the bar and work into a lather in hands, then apply the lather to damp skin and rub in circular motions.

Unscented soap and shampoo

Life Basics Activated Charcoal Face & Body Soap - Unscented
A great totally unscented soap bar for both the face and body is the Life Basics Activated Charcoal Face & Body Soap - Unscented. Charcoal is an amazing natural detoxifier, thanks to its ability to help extract and absorb impurities and excess oils from deep within the pores, and this soap combines those powers with the moisturising properties of Olive and Coconut Oils, plus creamy Shea Butter.

Life Basics Soap - Pure & Simple
If you would prefer a plain, simple soap without the Charcoal, try the Life Basics Soap in Pure & Simple. This gentle, nourishing soap is perfect for the whole family, specially formulated for sensitive and delicate skin types, with no added fragrance. It's creamy and hydrating, packed with oils including Olive, Coconut, Sweet Almond and Macadamia to thoroughly cleanse skin while delivering a burst of smoothing moisture.

Dr Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - Baby Unscented Mild
One of the most useful unscented skin care products of all time has to be the Dr Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap in Baby Unscented Mild. Gentle enough for use on baby skin, this natural liquid soap effectively cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural oils, and can be used as a shampoo, facial cleanser, body wash, bubble bath... the list goes on! This lightly foaming soap is perfect for all skin types, made from gentle, hydrating ingredients including Coconut, Olive and Jojoba Oils.

Ecostore Ultra Sensitive Shampoo
For a no-frills, fragrance free shampoo that the whole family can use, I recommend the Ecostore Ultra Sensitive Shampoo. This natural, plant-based shampoo has been formulated without the addition of scent of any kind, designed to cleanse the hair and restore shine like regular shampoo, just without the fragrance! Pair with the matching Ultra Sensitive Conditioner for extra moisture and shine.

Ecostore's fragrance-free body care range is actually the only range approved by Sensitive Choice in Australia — read more in my Guide to Ecostore Unscented Body Care.

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