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Your Guide to Melrose Cooking Oils

When it comes to choosing the right cooking oil for roasting veggies or just drizzling over lunch, you might find it hard to choose from so many! Not to mention some oils can only be used up to certain temperatures... the Melrose cooking oils have actually made everything nice and easy for us so I have listed them all in this guide for you, including how to use them!

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Years and years ago I thought there was only one cooking oil - Olive Oil, and that was it. Then I branched out to Coconut Oil when I discovered all of its incredible properties, but of course now I know much better... there are actually so many organic cooking oils with all kinds of benefits, but how on earth do we use them all?

Different cooking oils should be used for different purposes, depending on factors like taste, aroma and smoke point (the temperature when an oil can start to burn and its properties can be damaged.) That is why I was so excited to get in all the Melrose organic cooking oils because they have just made it so easy to make use of the benefits of all kinds of goodies, from Coconut Oil to Sacha Inchi Oil! I love how simple and easy it is to find the right oil for your cooking needs, whether it's just for drizzling over a leafy green salad or using in heavy duty deep-frying. Melrose is also 100% Australian-owned - they use the highest quality ingredients, sourced from Australian organic growers wherever possible.

Low smoke point cooking oils for salad dressings

Melrose Premium Liquid Coconut Oil
Ideal for everyday use, the Melrose Premium Liquid Coconut Oil is specially formulated to stay in a liquid state, unlike regular Coconut Oil which solidifies in cool temperatures. Thanks to the removal of some of the Lauric Acid naturally found in Coconut Oil, this liquid Coconut Oil mainly contains medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), also known as fatty acids, making it a great source of energy and easily digested cooking oil to be used at low temperatures. Its subtle aroma, mild flavour and low smoke point at 160°C makes it suitable for use in salad dressings, smoothies and raw food recipes. Melrose Premium Liquid Coconut Oil comes from coconuts grown in sustainable plantations in the Philippines.

Melrose Organic Sacha Inchi Oil
A perfect vegan alternative to fish oil, the Melrose Organic Sacha Inchi Oil actually contains one of the highest levels of plant-based omega 3 fatty acids! It is also rich in Vitamin E and plenty of antioxidants, working to provide a boost of nutrition. Sacha Inchi Oil comes from the Sacha Inchi plant, native to South America, and has a light, nutty flavour, perfect drizzled over warm and cold dishes as well as added to smoothies. Sacha Inchi Oil has a very low smoke point at approximately 160°C, and has actually been traditionally consumed as part of the Inca diet in Peru for more than 3,000 years.

Melrose Organic Sesame Oil
With a more mild taste than other toasted Sesame Oils, the Melrose Organic Sesame Oil is unrefined and expeller-pressed from raw Sesame seeds, giving it an elegantly light and nutty flavour and taste. Sesame Oil is naturally full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, ideal for use as a finishing oil and adding to marinades and sauces. Traditionally used in Asian cooking, this unrefined Sesame Oil gives a gentle boost of flavour, and can also be used in Mexican and Middle Eastern dishes, but should be used for cooking at low temperatures only due to its low smoke point at 160°C.

Melrose Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil
Made from cold-pressed Styrian Pumpkin seeds, the Melrose Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil is loaded with nutrient rich goodness and has a delicious toasted nut flavour. A perfect daily source of vitamins and minerals, Pumpkin Seed Oil also contains antioxidants and phytosterols, with naturally anti-inflammatory properties too. Best used as a finishing oil and salad dressing, this Pumpkin Seed Oil has a low smoke point at approximately 175°C, but can also be used in cooking at low temperatures.

Melrose Organic Full Flavour Coconut Oil
The Melrose Organic Full Flavour Coconut Oil is pure virgin Coconut Oil cold-pressed from sustainably grown Coconuts grown in the Philippines. Creamy, aromatic and full of Coconut flavour, this nutrient rich oil contains energy-boosting MCTs and Lauric Acid, and can be used in cooking and baking at lower temperatures up to 180°C - ideal for adding to smoothies, desserts and even spreading on toast in place of butter!

Melrose Organic Coconut Oil and Ghee
A blend of nourishing Coconut Oil and buttery Ghee, the Melrose Organic Coconut Oil and Ghee combines a pair of rich and complementary flavours for a boost of energy and nutrition in cooking. Ideal for heating up to 180°C, this balanced blend can be used in baking and sautéing, and also makes a wonderful addition to coffee. Used together, Coconut Oil and Ghee provide plenty of healthy fats, MCTs, beta-carotene, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), antioxidants and high levels of Vitamins A, D, E and K. This nutrient-dense blend is also suitable for paleo and keto diets.

Medium smoke point cooking oils for oven baking and frying

Melrose Organic Avocado Oil
Cold-pressed from Avocados, the Melrose Organic Avocado Oil has a deliciously subtle and buttery Avocado flavour. Avocado Oil is known for its nutrient rich properties, full of antioxidants, vitamins, phytosterols and healthy fats, and is an ideal all-rounder in the kitchen, perfect for pan-frying, roasting and baking as well as drizzling over salads. This Organic Avocado Oil is best used for general cooking at medium temperatures, with a smoke point of approximately 200°C. Avocado Oil also makes a nourishing ingredient in natural skin care!

Melrose Organic Flavour Free Coconut Oil
Ideal for cooking up to 210°C, the Melrose Organic Flavour Free Coconut Oil can be used for pan-frying, roasting and baking, with none of the traditional flavour or aroma of regular Coconut Oil. Expeller-pressed in the Philippines from sustainably grown Coconuts, this flavour-free oil has a high content of MCTs and also contains Lauric Acid, perfect for providing a boost of energy rather than fat. Best used added to smoothies, raw food recipes and desserts for a burst of nutrition.

Melrose Australian Macadamia Oil
Made from expeller-pressed Australian Macadamia nuts native to Northern NSW and Southern Queensland, the Melrose Australian Macadamia Oil is packed with high levels of healthy fats, including omega 3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats as well as plenty of antioxidants. Nutritionally rich, Macadamia Oil actually contains the highest levels of monounsaturated fats of many cooking oils. Perfect for all types of cooking up to medium temperatures, this nut oil has a delicate buttery flavour and nutty scent, and can be used in both warm and cold dishes. Its smoke point is classed at medium - can be heated to approximately 210°C.

High smoke point cooking oils for deep-frying

Melrose Organic Grass Fed Ghee
The Melrose Organic Grass Fed Ghee is made from 100% organic clarified butter from pasteurised cows milk, designed for use as an everyday alternative to cooking oil or butter. Ghee is traditionally made by simmering butter until the milk solids separate - they are then hand filtered to remove impurities, leaving behind good fats, beta-carotene, antioxidants and fat-soluble Vitamins A, D, E and K. With its rich, creamy and buttery taste and caramel aroma, Ghee is perfect for roasting, baking and deep-frying and has a high smoke point of 230°C. The Melrose Organic Grass-fed Ghee can be stored in the pantry, with no refrigeration required.

Melrose Organic Sunflower Oil
Perfect for cooking at all temperatures, including high-heat cooking such as grilling and deep-frying, the Melrose Organic Sunflower Oil has a naturally high smoke point at 250°C. Made from organic Sunflower seeds, this Sunflower Oil is expeller-pressed to help retain the natural properties of the seeds, resulting in a nutrient rich oil consisting of 84% monounsaturated fats and 6% polyunsaturated fats, as well as plenty of Vitamin E. Also ideal in salads and cold dishes, Sunflower Oil has a mild and neutral flavour with just a hint of creamy nuttiness.

Images: Melrose

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