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Supplements to Beat Breakouts Naturally

There are a multitude of natural ways to treat acne, including changes to your skincare routine, diet and lifestyle. But can supplements work to clear up acne?

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Depending on the root cause of your blemishes, yes they might. Here's our run down of the best supplements to try.

Liver detox supplements for acne

Particularly with adult acne, the liver may have a part to play. Hormone production should have normalised by the early twenties, but if the liver detoxification system isn't efficient then higher amounts of hormones remain in the bloodstream, including those that send out 'more sebum' messages to your oil glands.

The ARL Pathology lab has researched liver detoxification and recommends several key nutrients to safely remove androgenic hormones from your system. As long as you are not pregnant, try taking a therapeutic dose of the following for four weeks and keep an eye out for an improvement in your acne:

  • zinc
  • magnesium
  • chromium
  • glycine
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin C
  • selenium
  • B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, biotin, folic acid and B12)
  • milk thistle.

Omega-3 supplements for acne

Prostaglandins manage your hormones. Confusingly, there are good and bad prostaglandins. Good prostaglandins come from eating particular healthy foods, getting plenty of relaxation and reducing stress. Bad prostaglandins come from saturated fats, fried foods, stress, anxiety and high GI foods.

The good news is, omega-3 supplements, and food containing omega-3, may help you produce more good prostaglandins. Omega-3 is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial so you can see how it would be great for reducing acne.

Try eating salmon, tuna, sardines or trout at least a couple of times a week. You can also buy flaxseeds from your health food store and grind them each morning before adding them to your breakfast or a smoothie.

Of course, if that all sounds like too much hard work, look for a supplement with 2000mg of EPA/DHA, the active ingredients in omega-3.

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