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Your Water Could Contain Plastic

Yes, your water may contain plastic, according to a new global study on bottled water. I was shocked by the results, and I am sure you will be too, so I have put together this guide to how we can all avoid plastic in our drinking water.

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You may have recently seen or heard on the news that a recent study on bottled water found that several major bottled water brands around the world such as San Pellegrino, Evian and Nestle can actually contain up to thousands of plastic particles. Awful, right? Even when drinking from disposable plastic, you don't expect pieces of plastic to be in your water! Purifying water filters are one of the best ways to create fresh, pure and clean water, so I hope that this new study encourages anyone still drinking from plastic to change their habits.

What were the results of the study?

Research by Orb Media, a US-based non-profit, in conjunction with the State University of New York found that a single plastic bottle of water can contain hundreds, and possibly thousands, of plastic micro-particles. To the naked eye, these particles are actually invisible, and that is because they are actually microscopic - in the study, the plastic was revealed through an industry standard infrared microscope. 250 bottles from 11 different brands were bought and tested around the world. In these bottles, researchers found an average of just over 10 plastic particles of 0.10mm size per litre. There were even more particles of a smaller size found, with an average of around 315 particles per litre. Sizes could range from the width of a hair down to the size of a red blood cell, and one bottle actually contained over 10,000 particles per litre. Orb also conducted a similar tap water study in 2017, which found that plastic microparticles were found in global tap water sources too.

This is not the night sky, it's the plastic microparticles from a single bottle of water.

What does the study mean?

Due to their small size, the researchers suggested that some of these plastic particles can potentially travel around the body when ingested. Some might become lodged in the intestinal wall, others could travel through the lymphatic system, and others still can make their way into the bloodstream and enter the kidneys or liver. Around 90% of the plastic particles examined in the test were small enough to cross through your gut during digestion and actually enter your body.

How to avoid plastic water bottles

We could just question why anyone is even still drinking packaged water, right? Well for starters, right around the world bottled water is often seen as a pure and clean alternative to regular tap water. According to the World Health Organisation, around 4,000 children die from water-borne diseases each and every day. This horrifying figure makes it clear that a safe source of water is an absolute essential for human health. While it's easy to say we will all just stop buying bottled water for our families, many of us do prefer to drink fresh and pure water from sources other than the kitchen tap. In many parts of Australia, tap water can contain impurities and odours, as well as fluoride, making purifying water filters an ideal drinking alternative, whether you need one for the fridge, the bench top or to take with you when you're on the go.

Waters Co AcePot Bio+ Water Filter Jug
If you keep bottled water in your fridge to have chilled, why not swap it for a Waters Co AcePot Bio+ Water Filter Jug? Using unique multi-layer technology, this filter jug removes up to 99.9% of the fluoride, chlorine, odours, bacteria, heavy metals and other impurities commonly found in your tap water to transform it into clean and pure water. Its layers include activated coconut shell carbon, magnets and alkaline minerals to purify water while also remineralising it with over 60 organic minerals including calcium and magnesium. To use, fill the jug to its one litre capacity straight from the tap, place in the fridge and allow to filter and chill before drinking. This clever jug fits snugly in your fridge door for easy use and storage, and is made from non-porous, BPA-free copolymer material.

Waters Co BMP 500 5.25L Bench Top Alkaline Water Filter
Ideal for larger families, the Waters Co BMP 500 5.25L Bench Top Alkaline Water Filter is a powerful bench top filter which holds 5.25 litres. With BPA-free housing, a hand blown blue glass reservoir and chrome tap outlet, this alkalising purifier features a 13-stage inner filter system to sterilise tap water, remove fluoride, chlorine, bacteria and impurities and remineralise ordinary water. With its large capacity, this filter is also a great option for the workplace instead of the old plastic water cooler.

Waters Co BMP Waterman Mini - Black
Perfect for use when you're on the go, the Waters Co BMP Waterman Mini - Black filters 600ml of water thanks to its alkaline mineral cartridge. Just like the larger bench top and jug filters, it removes up to 99% of impurities from your water to leave it tasting clean, fresh and pure. Compact and lightweight, it's ideal for taking to work, the gym, and using while you're travelling to purify the local tap water.

You can see our entire range of water filters right here, and BPA-free water bottles here!

Sources: Orb Media, 9 News.

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