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Top 5 Ways to Reduce Kitchen Waste

Did you know you could be losing over $1,000 per year just due to food waste? Preventing food waste is just as important for the environment as it is for the hip pocket, so I've put together this guide to the best ways to reduce household waste in the kitchen.

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There are so many reasons to reduce kitchen waste - we all know waste is bad for the environment, but implementing a simple waste management plan in your home can actually also save you money and get the most out of your weekly grocery shop. You really don't need to be an environmental expert to reduce kitchen waste! By swapping out a few standard kitchen items for sustainable food storage and waste-saving alternatives, you can do some serious good for the environment and your wallet - I've included five tips below to help save food and plastic waste from going in your kitchen rubbish bin each week.

Benefits of reducing household waste

Food waste can actually cost the average Australian household a whopping $1,050 a year in unused or rotten food.1 While this is an alarming figure, it can easily be reduced through simple steps such as finishing off your leftovers and only buying food that you really need (a weekly meal plan can come in handy here!). You can save your family close to $8000 a year by using up everything you buy and foregoing takeaway - imagine would you could do with an extra $150 a week! Waste is a problem much bigger than money, though. Kitchen waste ends up as landfill which emits toxic gasses as it breaks down, filling our fresh air with pollution and potentially damaging the environment. By implementing a few waste-saving strategies in your kitchen, you can save money, lengthen the lifespan of your food and reduce your contribution to landfill.

Best zero waste food storage

1. Waters Co AcePot Bio+ Water Filter Jug
Rather than keeping plastic water bottles in your fridge, filter your own tap water using the Waters Co AcePot Bio+ Water Filter Jug! It removes fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, odours and other impurities from your tap water, and the replacement filters pack lasts for 2 years. This sleek design fits snugly in your fridge door so you have easy access to chilled, fresh and pure water.

2. Onya Life Reusable Bread Bags
A reusable alternative to disposable plastic bread bags, the Onya Life Reusable Bread Bags are perfect for storing homemade bread and bakery buys. They're sustainable and 100% recyclable, and are designed to carry your fresh bread home from the markets and store you bread in the freezer - up to three months without freezer burn! Be sure to take yours with you each time you visit your local bakery.

3. Life Basics Eco Friendly Vegan Food Wraps - Kitchen Pack
The Life Basics Eco Friendly Vegan Food Wraps - Kitchen Pack are one of the best sustainable alternatives to traditional disposable plastic cling film. You'll save both money and waste as the wraps are completely reusable, made from Cotton, Eucalyptus, Tree Gum and Jojoba and designed to neatly cover and mold around bowls and snacks. These biodegradable wraps can be hand washed in cold water after each use and hung to dry.

Stasher Sandwich - Clear
An ideal alternative to flimsy plastic sandwich zip bags, the Stasher Sandwich - Clear are made from 100% pure Platinum Silicone and are great for storing sandwiches and snacks and keeping them fresher for longer, with an airtight and leak-proof lock seal. These sturdy, durable bags can easily be labelled with a whiteboard marker and are dishwasher safe.

5. Life Basics Stainless Steel Straws
I've talked at length about why plastic straws are so bad for the environment, so another great way to reduce your plastic waste is by opting for the Life Basics Stainless Steel Straws. These reusable straws are made from high-quality, food-grade Stainless Steel and come with their own cleaning brush so you can easily wash them after each drink.

Source: 1 ABC News

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