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Everything You Need to Know About Oil Pulling!

Have you ever tried oil pulling? Asked what is oil pulling? It is an amazing technique that will leave your teeth whiter, mouth cleaner and body healthier! Read on to learn about oil pulling benefits and how to start oil pulling today!

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Have you ever tried oil pulling? Wondering what on earth oil pulling is? I don't blame you, it sounds a little strange! Oil pulling is an ancient natural dental practice that uses oils, including sesame and coconut oils, to naturally whiten teeth, while it helps removes nasties out of your body.

But what is oil pulling, and what are the other oil pulling benefits?

What is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is an age old technique that uses oil to detoxify the body and promote dental health. It involves swishing oil around inside your mouth each morning on an empty stomach. Oil pulling works to draw out any bacteria and impurities while cutting through plaque and whitening teeth. By using natural oils, including sesame and coconut oil, gentle teeth whitening involves six simple steps.

Before & After! Source: Keeko

How does oil pulling work?

To learn how to begin oil pulling, just follow these easy steps! For optimal oil pulling benefits, make sure you do this in the morning, before you eat or drink anything.

Step one: Choose a good quality organic oil - one with Coconut Oil or Sesame Oil is best.

Step two: Put 1 tablespoon of the oil into your mouth.

Step three: Swish the oil around in your mouth for 5-15 minutes. This may seem like a long time, but 15 minutes is actually the perfect amount of time for the body to break through bacteria and plaque! It's also the ideal amount of time to ensure you don't absorb those nasties back into your body.

Step four: Spit the oil out! After 5-15 minutes the amount of oil will almost double in size and become a creamy white colour. Make sure you don't swallow this oil because it's full of bacteria, toxins and plaque.

Step five: Rinse your mouth out with warm water to remove any oily residue.

Step six: Brush your teeth! I love this refreshing Weleda Salt Toothpaste. Then scrape your tongue and you're ready to go!

Why should you be oil pulling?

There are actually so many oil pulling benefits. Oil pulling can help to whiten teeth, increase energy levels, prevent cavities and gingivitis, as well as strengthen teeth and gums. The oil pulling technique is also known to help detoxify the body, aid hormonal changes, reduce headaches, lessen jaw pain and even alleviate hangovers. On top of this, if you suffer from any skin problems like acne, keratosis pilaris, or mild forms of eczema, then oil pulling may also help to soothe these conditions too by ridding the body of potential toxins, bacteria and build-up.

Dr. Bruce Fife, nutritionist, naturopathic physician and author of 'Oil Pulling Therapy: Detoxifying and Healing the Body Through Oral Cleansing', has said, "As simple as it is, oil pulling has a very powerful detoxifying effect. Our mouths are the home to billions of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other parasites and their toxins. Candida and Streptococcus are common residents in our mouths. It is these types of germs and their toxic waste products that cause gum disease and tooth decay and contribute to many other health problems including arthritis and heart disease. Our immune system is constantly fighting these troublemakers. If our immune system becomes overloaded or burdened by excessive stress, poor diet, environmental toxins and such, these organisms can spread throughout the body causing secondary infections and chronic inflammation, leading to any number of health problems."

Before & After! Source: Keeko

Oil doesn't taste so great... so what's the solution?

So I think we can all admit... oil doesn't taste that great. Especially when it's been swishing around your mouth for fifteen minutes! That is why I was happy to discover these natural flavoured oil pulling mouthwashes - all of the benefits of plain sesame or coconut oil, with a naturally refreshing taste! I find that the best time to try oil pulling is when you're getting ready in the mornings. This might be during a shower, when you're getting dressed or even applying makeup. Do this before you brush your teeth for best results, and after you have scraped your tongue with a tongue cleaner!

Black Chicken Remedies Oral Swishing Oil
If you like a minty fresh taste in the morning then I suggest you try the Black Chicken Remedies Oral Swishing Oil, a refreshing blend of Peppermint, Cardamom and Myrrh in a base of natural oils including Coconut, Sesame, Sunflower, Hemp, Castor and Avocado. Antibacterial and antiviral, this formula works to draw out build-up, freshen breath and thoroughly clean teeth. Australian made, gluten free and vegan, this makes an ideal detoxifying treatment each morning after tongue scraping. Swish one tablespoon for 10-20 minutes, then spit out.

Dr Tungs Oil Pulling Concentrate
Prefer Sesame Oil pulling? An ancient Ayurvedic formula, the Dr Tungs Oil Pulling Concentrate contains 24 different herbs and botanical ingredients in a Sesame Oil base, designed to help strengthen gums, alleviate dry mouth and support good oral health. Conditioning and detoxifying, this balancing blend is made in the USA and has a fresh flavour from Wild Cherry, Cardamom, Licorice and Cinnamon. Place one tablespoon in the mouth and swish around for at least 5 minutes before spitting out.

If you prefer a more traditional organic plain Coconut Oil for oil pulling, try the Coconut Magic Organic Coconut Oil.

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