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Your Guide to SuperFeast 'Magic' Mushrooms!

Helping to deliver a boost of energy and a wealth of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients, these magic Mushrooms are potent herbal blends which have a tonne of benefits, so I've put together this guide to the SuperFeast powdered blends.

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Alright, these are definitely not the sort of magic Mushrooms you might be thinking of! Technically they are known as medicinal Mushrooms, wild-harvested extracts rich in beneficial nutrients and amazing natural health supplements. Free from any 'hallucinogenic' properties, these Mushrooms are magical in a different way, helping to support and balance both the mind and body by delivering a boost of nutrient rich energy.

How to take mushroom powder

Powdered Mushroom Extracts are actually really versatile, they can be consumed as a drink in teas, juices, smoothies, coffee and hot chocolates, or added to your favourite recipes, such as protein balls. The amazing thing about these Mushroom Extracts is that they are ready to be taken as they are, they are not heat sensitive and can safely be added to hot drinks and dishes without affecting the integrity of the nutrients. It's generally recommended to begin taking herbal Mushroom supplements in small doses, beginning with around half a teaspoon per day then slowly building the dosage up to one to two tablespoons, or as necessary. Stimulating and energising, they make great morning supplements, working to kickstart your mind and body. A refreshing Mushroom tea makes a very effective daily coffee replacement! Other blends, such as the Reishi Mushroom formula, are more calming, so are best consumed before bed for a peaceful night's sleep.

Formulated to provide support for the immune system, the SuperFeast Wild Chaga Mushroom Powdered Extract contains powdered Chaga Mushroom, grown on birch trees in temperate regions such as China's Changbai Mountains and an ancient medicinal treatment used by indigenous tribes. Balancing and restorative, this wildcrafted formula can be used to help build up the body's natural resistance to stress and becoming run down. Adaptogenic and antioxidant and melanin rich, this potent, anti-ageing mushroom blend is Gluten Free and Vegan and is delicious added to smoothies, juice and coffee.

Beauty Blend
Designed to help promote hair, skin and nail health and slow down signs of ageing, the SuperFeast Beauty Blend contains a potent combination of herbal extracts including Goji Berry, Schizandra and Longan, known for their antioxidant rich properties. With Micro-Ground Pearls, traditionally consumed to remineralise the body and nourish the skin from the inside out, this radiance-boosting formula helps to restore health and vitality to the nails, promote shiny hair, and even help support liver and kidney function. Gluten Free, this nourishing blend can be consumed as a delicious tea or added to your favourite juice or smoothie recipes.

Energising and reinvigorating, the SuperFeast Jing blend is designed to support the adrenals and kidney and help combat fatigue, containing a powerful combination of ancient herbal ingredients known to help stimulate the body. The name Jing actually comes from the concept of energy in ancient Chinese medicine. This balancing formula helps to support hormones and energy levels for long-term stamina, with Yin and Yang herbs working to strengthen the muscles and bones in the knees, back and hips, and even restore libido! Vegan and Gluten Free, it can be blended into smoothies, hot chocolate, or taken in place of coffee for a boost of long lasting energy.

Calming and cleansing, the SuperFeast Wild-Crafted Reishi Mushroom Powdered Extract contains powdered Reishi Mushroom, known for its role in supporting health and longevity as well as the cardiovascular, liver and immune systems. Reishi can also be beneficial in restoring and maintaining gut health, help to reduce inflammation and control anxiety and stress. Harvested from its natural region in China, this herbal supplement is Gluten Free and Vegan, and can be added to smoothies, juices or even coffee.

Images: SuperFeast

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