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How the Badger Sleep Balm & Night Night Balm work

Are you and your kids getting enough sleep? Chances are you might not be! That's why I love the sleeping balms from Badger! Read on to find out which is best suited for you and your kids!

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Sleep is one thing that we could all get a lot more of! Did you know that as adults we should be getting between seven and nine hours of sleep per night? I don't know about you, but when life gets busier my sleep routine tends to suffer the consequences! I read a study recently that said 70% of GP visits in Australia are related to insomnia and sleep disorders. How unbelievable is that! It's also believed that 90% of Australians will suffer from some form of sleep disorder in their lifetime. No wonder we need more sleep!

If you're a parent then you will also know how hard it can often be to get kids to sleep, particularly when their minds want to stay active! Although adults and kids have difficulty falling asleep for different reasons, there is one company working to solve it.

I often rave about the Badger Balm products, particularly the Sleep Balm and Night Night Balm. They are both aromatic balms that aim to relax and soothe you into a restful night's sleep. Being so similar I often get questions asking about their differences! Which should you use on kids? Which are better suited for adults?

What is the difference between the Sleep Balm and the Night Night Balm?

The Badger Night Night Balm is perfect for soothing your little ones to sleep. This balm is made with a more traditional approach using ingredients like calming lavender and chamomile, as well as uplifting spearmint and mandarin. The Night Night balm has a milder smell in comparison to the Sleep balm which is another reason why it works best for children who might not like strong smelling products.

The Badger Sleep Balm on the other hand is ideal for grown ups who need a little help to nod off when they have a million thoughts running through their heads at night. This balm is formulated with the ingredient balsam fir which can help clear the mind, warm the body and help you to relax. Bergamot is also included because it is an amazing citrus that feels uplifting without being stimulating.

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What is similar about the two balms?

Both the Night Night balm and Sleep balms are 95-100% USDA Certified Organic and created using a nourishing base of extra virgin olive oil, beeswax and castor oil. All these ingredients are aromatic and a soothing blend of essential oils. Neither contain any chemicals or hidden nasties and are the perfect addition to any nighttime routine!

Both balms also work by being rubbed into the body's pulse points such as temples, neck, belly and wrists at bedtime. Other great places to apply these balms are under the nose, on the lips, chest or shoulders... anywhere you can smell the aroma! You can even apply them to your feet!

I find that when applying these on my kids at night time, I tend to feel more relaxed too! I have also read that Badger Balm fans often use the Night Night balm to relax at work because it's so soothing and mild! As these balms are aromatic they won't make you sleepy when you're wanting to relax during the day too!

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