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The Kid's Night Time Essentials Every Parent Needs!

Do you have little ones that find it difficult to get to sleep at night? Teething, over-active minds or imaginations can often worsen the struggle! That's why I've made this blog post to let you in on my kids night time essentials that are sure to make your life a lot easier!

When you have little ones, bedtime can often become quite stressful! Kids are renowned for wanting to stay up as late as possible, so getting them off to sleep can sometimes be a struggle. Being a mum of 4 myself, I've lived through it! If your kids find it difficult to settle at night, you may need to look at switching up their night time routines. I find that settling into a routine that is calming for both parents and children, is the best way to achieve peace at bedtime! We have some amazing natural products here on Nourished Life that can help make bedtime and bath time relaxing and soothing.

The product range from Pineapple Heads is ideal for young children, is completely natural and free of any nasty chemicals that may harm their sensitive skin! Their products also have the cutest packaging I've seen in a long time and really work well! Pineapple Heads have a strict "no baddies policy" so are totally free of silicones, petrochemicals, parabens, artificial colours or harsh surfactants. One of my favourite products from their range, which is perfect for a calm night time bath routine, is the Pineapple Heads Sleepyhead. Your kids are sure to love this bubble bath and as it's toxin free, you will too! It has been created using gentle, calming ingredients like chamomile and lotus flower that may have your kids falling asleep in no time at all! It's also really easy to use, all you need to do is pour a few droplets of this natural product into a warm bath. To find out more about Pineapple Heads check out this blog post I wrote!

If a warm bubble bath doesn't do the trick, then applying a night time balm is sure to do so! I love the Badger Night Night Balm for using on young children who are good at fighting off tiredness and wanting to stay up as late as they can! Sometimes kids find it hard to fall asleep at night because they have hyperactive minds, wild imaginations or excitable personalities! This night night balm becomes ideal in these situations because it may help them relax, is very soothing and will hopefully lull them into a deep peaceful sleep. It has been formulated using chamomile, lavender, sandalwood and beautiful essential oils that provide many benefits for your little ones! It contains no harsh chemicals or toxins, so you can feel great about using on even the most sensitive of skin. To reap the benefits simply rub into pulse points at bedtime such as temples, neck, belly and wrists.

Badger has also created a Badger Baby Balm which is specifically made for babies. As babies are prone to dry or sensitive skin, this balm is made to soothe and moisturise their delicate skin. It has been formulated using safe and pure ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil and calendula. Just like the night night balm, this product contains no chemicals, synthetics or fragrances.

If your baby is fussy at night time and takes time to settle it may be worth giving the Amazing Oils Baby Magnesium Sleepy Toes Towelettes a go. These soft towels contain natural Magnesium Chloride which helps to relax your baby, relieving restlessness and soothing any muscular discomfort. Simply apply to the soles of their feet and the magnesium is gently absorbed and may help to promote a restful sleep. These can be used for babies from 3 months old.

If your kids are teething, then you'll know how much this can impact their willingness to go to sleep at night! Teething can be painful, so will often keep your little ones up at night. Children tend to cut their first tooth between six and nine months. Signs usually begin with swelling and red gums that can be very sore. That's why I recommend using the Weleda Baby Teething Powder. Weleda has a great product range that is specifically targeted at the needs of each age range from babies to the elderly. This teething powder is amazing for relieving the pain of teething for your baby. It contains relaxing chamomile so is extra gentle on their delicate gums. This teething powder may help to calm, soothe and ease the discomfort and restlessness that comes with teething. It really is the perfect product to ease the stress of both baby and mother! This product is also free from any unnatural, artificial or synthetic ingredients. To help relieve the pain of teething simply mix ¼ of a teaspoon of the teething powder in an equal amount of warm water. My advice is to take up to 3-4 times daily, but this powder can be given as often as every fifteen minutes for up to six doses.


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